Nesti Dante Il Frutteto Soap Is A Precious Plant Soap


dsc_6040The first impression you’ll get of Nesti Dante Il Frutteto Soap is how incredible the scent is and the second impression will be that the soap is big at 250g. Most soaps are 100g so this is 2.5 times the size of the average soap. The wrapping paper is so pretty, it evokes nature and an abundance of fruits.

This soap has a peach and melon scent. There are other Il Frutteto variants such as citron & bergamot, fig & almond milk, medlar & jujube, mint & quince pear, olive oil & tangerine, pomegranate & blackcurrant and red grapes & blueberry. I am sure they all smell just as wonderful as the peach & melon.

dsc_6041The soaps in this range are precious plant soaps. The soap paste is obtained from a long and complex process of boiling in a cauldron, which lasts four days and requires the constant presence and meticulous intervention of master soapmakers and perfumers. This is truly a premium soap that feels luxurious and lasts a long, long time so although it retails at RM44, it is a soap worth the price.