Nespresso Launches ‘Reviving Origins’ To Bring Back Lost Coffee

Nespresso Reviving Origins
Nespresso Reviving Origins
Nespresso Reviving Origins

Nespresso Reviving Origins makes its debut in Malaysia with three seasonal coffee blends; the new AMAHA awe UGANDA,  along with TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE and ESPERANZA de COLOMBIA, made possible  through the company’s unique Reviving Origins programme. First introduced in  2019, the programme aims to restore coffee production in regions affected by  adversities such as conflict, economic hardship and environmental disasters  by helping farmers to increase the quality and the yield of their coffee, which brings crucial economic benefits for the regions involved and leveraging strong partners in each of the origins.

An integral part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable QualityT Programme, the brand’s sustainable sourcing model in coffee producing countries, the Reviving Origins programme provides support in rebuilding sustainable livelihoods for farmers and their communities while preserving the future of some of the world’s rarest, most exquisite coffee beans. Nespresso is investing a total of CHF 10 million in the programme over a period of five years (2019-2023).

Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso said: “Coffee is the lifeblood of entire communities across the globe. In many regions, coffee farming is threatened for reasons such as climate change, conflict and a shifting global economy. Through the Reviving Origins programme, Nespresso provides support to struggling coffee farming areas and helps breathe new life into local economies and, most importantly, communities in these regions.”

Over the years, Nespresso prides itself for having a unique, holistic approach that is completely embedded across all operations, from the sustainable sourcing of its coffee beans to the end-of-life of the products. For its dedication to recycling efforts, Nespresso has taken an active stance in developing recycling solutions where national waste solutions did not accept used aluminium capsules. Aluminium is the quintessential material for capsules as it protects the freshness, taste and quality of Nespresso coffee capsules and it is infinitely recyclable.