Nanyang Cafe Has Some Really Good Food & Drinks

Nanyang Cafe Mid Valley Megamall

So far I have been to Nanyang Cafe 3 times, all 3 visits were to their Mid Valley Megamall outlet. The 1st time, I ordered wontons with soup noodles. The noodles are springy and the soup is not too salty. The 2nd and 3rd time, I ordered pork burger with French Fries. The pork burger was bigger than I expected and it was crispy on the exterior and tender/soft inside. The French Fries were perfect, I do so dislike soggy French Fries & if I am served cold/soggy French Fries, they get sent back to be redone.

Pork Burger on my 2nd visit

The Pork Burger comes with chilli sauce on the side but I always ask for tomato sauce with any French Fries. I guess I don’t have the typical Malaysian taste. Actually I don’t understand why everything is served with chilli sauce when some of us prefer tomato sauce. Chilli sauce with everything is ubiquitous in this country.

Pork Burger on my 3rd visit

On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, I ordered the Pork Burger for dinner and unlike my previous visit, this time it took almost half an hour for the burger to arrive and the cafe wasn’t even that busy. It was half as tasty as the previous time, the pork wasn’t as crispy and the bun was not grilled that well. Altogether quite a disappointment this time. I don’t know why there was a drop in standard. The only thing nice about this dish on this most recent visit was the French Fries.

Tea & Coffee

However, they are consistent with the quality of their tea and coffee. Both are satisfyingly thick and good till the last drop.