My Nail Obsession : Daiso Nail Stickers



It started with me dashing into Daiso Sg. Wang to kill some time while waiting for someone. What started out as an innocuous visit led to a new discovery for me and my latest obsession. For someone who previously showed little to no interest in all things to do with nails, I’ve developed a newfound love for of all things, nail stickers. I was introduced to these cute little stickers on one of my visits to my manicurist at Estuary Medispa & Esthetics. Most nail salons charge between RM3-6 for each nail sticker and I don’t mean the entire sheet you see above either, just 1 sticker. Imagine how many stickers there are and how much each sheet would gain you if you were to charge even RM3 for each sticker. The sheet which cost you a mere RM5 would yield a minimum of RM50.

So I purchased my first sheet of nail stickers at Daiso Sg. Wang and from then on, I have gone to Daiso The Curve, MidValley (none!) and Sunway Pyramid looking for more. If this isn’t an obsession, I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the full moon effect again because I can’t explain it. I’m currently more interested in collecting these nail stickers than any brand’s latest skincare or make-up.

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My initial purchase was because I thought it’d be a good way to cover up chipped nails. They couldn’t be that difficult to affix since all I had to do was peel off whichever sticker I wanted but in actual fact, it is a little time-consuming and patience is absolutely necessary as the stickers are so tiny and can fly off my clumsy fingers as I am trying to peel them off and apply them to my fingers. They should ideally be sealed properly with topcoat otherwise you may find yourself losing them quite suddenly which is a disaster if you are preparing food commercially.

I discovered that these sell and sell fast. Barely 2 weeks ago, I was at Daiso Sunway Pyramid deliberating whether to make my 2nd nail sticker purchase. The set of stickers was so cute with high heels, handbags and make-up. How could I have passed that up? I thought I could come back for them after my appointment but I ran out of time and went back for them a few days ago. Guess what? All gone! How can this be? There were so many of them but indeed they were all gone. Not even one sheet left for me! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! I could have shed a tear! 🙁 The moral of the story for me is that if I see a sheet of Daiso nail stickers I like, get it immediately. I even asked my friend in Penang to hunt down this particular sheet at Daiso Gurney and Gurney Paragon but no luck there either.

I’m glad my nail obsession is cheaper than collecting make-up. I’m going into more Daiso outlets to hunt for the elusive one and won’t give up until I find it.