myvitalab Vitamunity : Supplements That Actually Work

All I need to bounce back to good health is in this little box
All I need to bounce back to good health is in this little box

Let me say this straight out – I have never been a believer in supplements. I don’t take any vitamins regularly or on a daily basis. I might start taking Vitamin C for a week but then I forget and don’t take it until the next time I fall ill. A few days ago, I was down with a mild fever and then I thought a cold was coming as I started to have a runny nose and I was losing appetite, not to mention feeling odd.

Aha! I remembered I had a media gift of supplements from the Vitahealth event I attended recently. One of the supplements was myvitalab Vitamunity. In the box was a sachet containing 3 vitamins, namely Vitamin C with Zinc+, Grape Seed and Vitamin D310001U.

My fast cure
Vitamin C with Zinc+, Grape Seed and Vitamin D310001U
Not kidding, it actually worked for me

The first time I took this, I was rather ill and didn’t bother to read the description properly. I opened the sachet and poured all the vitamins into my glass of water! No, it doesn’t work that way so I fished the 3 tablets out of the water and swallowed them one by one as I am supposed to do. My nose was running like an open tap at that time. You know those Chinese/Korean/Hong Kong dramas where the old man falls to the floor because of a heart attack and then someone quickly stuffs him with his meds? Then within a second, the old man is hale and hearty again. I always thought that was ridiculous as how can any meds take effect that fast?

Well, within less than 10 minutes of ingesting the contents of the sachet in Vitamunity, my nose had stopped running and I was feeling much better. I couldn’t believe it. Even Panadol Actifast wouldn’t have made me feel better within 10 minutes.

I took my 2nd dose of Vitamunity the next day when I was getting a runny nose again. Once again, I stopped having a runny nose. I know it’s hard to believe that there’s a miracle or instant cure for a cold but for me, it is. By the 3rd day (no more Vitamunity as I only had 2 doses), I was back to normal. No fever and no cold.