My 2nd Innisfree Haul




After a frustrating few days enough to make me consider whether to continue this blog or not because of so much insanity going on, it was time for a bit of retail therapy. Headed to innisfree because there are still products there I am interested in trying and I wanted to get the GWP for purchases above RM120.

I spent some time in the shop wondering if I should get the neck cream and there was also a body mist which looked promising. In fact, I could have spent up to RM200 but I my aim was to spend just above RM120 so I could get the foam cleanser sample set which is the GWP.

So this is my modest haul:-


Green Tea Mint Fresh Scalp Conditioner RM32/200ml

A scalp conditioner with Jeju green tea and mint ingredients that revitalizes the scalp and leaves a refreshing feeling through a special scalp re-balancing effect.


Green Tea Pure Body Cleanser RM40/300ml

Contains moisturizing, antioxidant ingredients with refined and foamy lather.


Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Sponge RM20

Wanted to get this during my 1st haul at innisfree but it wasn’t available then.


Eco Nail Remover RM10

No, I don’t think it will remove nails. As usual, there is one word missing here – “polish”. This one contains natural Jeju tangerine oil ingredients.


Eco Finger Mask RM10

Comes in 2 varieties – Rose & Rosehip and Shea Butter & Argan Oil. I need these for my dry nails!

Feel free to comment on which one you would like me to review first. Your request is my pleasure.


  1. Please review the Jeju volcanic cleansing sponge! This sound interesting and seems like this product is one of the hot item too.

  2. Jeju Volcanic Cleaning Sponge too! I was wondering for so long if I should get it! Then eco finger mask! They look so cute! Yeah, the miss those words and we will be wondering who wants to buy something as “eye remover” or “nail remover. Lucky is no ‘face remover” yet!

    Juniper, don’t be upset because am sure many of the readers here miss your blog posts!

  3. Retail therapy… Yeah, tell me about that. I’m sure all of us needed that sometimes. If you need time to clear things out, please take a break from blogging. But no, PLEASE DON’T STOP ! Your posts are short straight to the point and covers different category from skincare to washing machine ^_^ ( btw, I’ve had a peek at the Samsung washing machine, the 16kg one. The basin is too cute for my clumpsy hands )

    You are the only blogger that I’ve met, twice in fact… You area friend to me.

    For review, yes the Jeju volcanic cleansing sponge please, and the green tea pure body cleanser.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment.