Mt. Sapola At Pavilion


Yesterday morning I was walking around Pavilion after breakfast at Toast Box down at Food Republic when I came across the newly opened Mt. SapolaI’d walked past the kiosk ten days ago but it wasn’t open then. It’s just been open for a week so I just had to check it out.

There are 7 Mt. Sapola outlets in Singapore, it has been in Singapore since 2007 (their first outlet was in Tanglin Mall). Mt. Sapola was started by Singaporean entrepreneur, Cheryl Gan who sources the ingredients from Thailand. Their Pavilion outlet is the first in Malaysia. According to their official website, the brand was named after the mountain where the Romans first discovered natural soap.

One of their bestsellers in Singapore is their home scent which comes complete with diffusers, there are also products for face, body and hair. The lemongrass scent in their products is popular among their customers. Their products come in quite a number of different scents. There are also products for men.

Nine types of natural soap bars are available here, some of them are orange, lime, lemongrass, black sesame and of course, lemongrass. Prices of their soaps are RM12.90/70g and RM21.60/120g.

Mt. Sapola is located at 4th Floor Pavilion (P4 02-01).