Miss Chinese International Pageant & Goddess Of Nature Malaysia 2023 Grand Final

The 5 Finalists

1st Annabel Chen Meijie

On 30th September 2023, the 23-year-old beauty No. 1 Annabel Chen Meijie from Kuala Lumpur won the title of Malaysia’s first “Miss Chinese International and Goddess of Nature Pageant 2023”, and at the same time she also won the “Most Creative Goddess Award” and “National Goddess Award”. Not only did she win the total prizes worth RM115,500, she will also represent Malaysia in Macau on February 25 next year in the “TVB International Miss Chinese Pageant”.

At the press conference after the Grand Final, Annabel Chen Meijie said that she enjoyed the competition process very much, “I never thought I would win the championship.” She will use part of the prize money to treat family and friends to a meal to thank them for their companionship and support along the way. She also revealed that she will prepare well for the “TVB International Miss Chinese Pageant”. “In addition to learning Cantonese well, I hope to lose some weight.”

The 5 Finalists

Summer Liu Weiyi, founder of RS SIS Management, also revealed at the press conference that Annabel Chen Meijie worked hard to lose 8 kilograms for this beauty pageant finals. She also said that the company has prepared a series of training arrangements for Annabel Chen Meijie, such as eloquence classes, figure training, management courses, Cantonese language courses, etc. “We hope to help her be fully prepared so that she can win for Malaysia at the “TVB International Miss Chinese Pageant”. Today’s judges Lin Derong, Amber Xie Liping and honorary sponsor Xmegami founder Zhuang Xuexin also praised Annabel Chen Meijie. Lin Derong also said that he is looking for future stars. “Miss CosmoWorld” founder Li Shiqi also hopes that today’s winners will be able to use their abilities to influence other women. The 2017 Hong Kong Miss Jewelry Champion and former TVB contract Artist Kimmy Liu also gave advice to beauties who want to enter the entertainment industry, “The competition in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is very fierce so character is very important. Only a humble attitude can help you go further in this circle.”

2nd Crystal Liu
3rd Amanda Zhang

The last 10 finalists of the “Miss Chinese International and Goddess of Nature Pageant 2023” was held at Huazong Building. The beauties had to pass 4 stages, including putting on costumes made of balloons, swimsuits, catwalks and evening wear to advance to the final 5. After a fierce contest, in addition to No. 1 Annabel Chen Meijie, No. 4 made it to the top 5. Crystal Liu Chengwei, No. 10 Amanda Zhang Zhishan, No. 9 Joanne Chen Minhui and No. 8 Juliana Li Keqing. They had to also answer their questions with wisdom and quick wit under the strict “torture” of the emcee Wayne Tang Weiyan. The question drawn by Annabel Chen Meijie was: What is the biggest difference between people? She also won two other ancillary awards – the “Most Creative Goddess Award” and the National Voted “National Goddess Award”. The runner-up was won by No. 4 Crystal Liu Chengwei, who also won the title of “Travel Goddess”. and Crystal Liu Chengwei, also won the “Yu Wellness Promotion Ambassador Award”. The third runner-up was won by Amanda Zhang Zhishan, No. 10, and was named the “Culture Goddess”. She was the biggest winner, in addition to winning the third runner-up honor, also won the “Most Elegant Goddess” and “Friendship Girl” & 3 subsidiary awards including “Urban Promotional Ambassador”. Crystal Liu Chengwei and Amanda Zhang Zhishan will also immediately participate with other beauties in the “CosmoWorld Miss Universe” contest. Witnessed by everyone, the first “Miss Chinese International and Goddess of Nature Pageant 2023” was held in a lively atmosphere. The event ended successfully.

The complete list of winners of the “Miss Chinese International and Goddess of Nature Pageant 2023”: Champion: Annabel Chen Meijie

Runner-up: (Travel Goddess) Crystal Liu Chengwei

Second Runner-up: (Cultural Goddess) Amanda Zhang Zhishan

Fourth place: (Feminist Rights Promotion Ambassador) Joanne Chen Minhui

Fifth place: (Green Environmental Protection Ambassador) Juliana Li Keqing

Auxiliary awards:

The most elegant goddess: Amanda Zhang Zhishan

Perfect body goddess: Kiki Chen Jingyu

Best Talented Goddess: Christine Zhang Shanting

National goddess: Annabel Chen Meijie

Most Creative Goddess Award: Annabel Chen Meijie

Goddess of Goodwill and Friendship:Amanda Zhang Zhishan

The most photogenic goddess: Joanne Chen Minhui

Best smile goddess: Shy Lai Peishi

Urban Promotional Ambassador: Amanda Zhang Zhishan

Face bar publicity ambassador: Shy Lai Peishi

Hair bar Promotional Ambassador: Huang Yongjia Yu

Wellness Promotional Ambassador: Crystal Liu Chengwei