Milkcow Opens At The Gardens Mall



Soft serve ice cream has always been my choice of ice cream ever since my childhood days as it tastes a lot lighter than the creamy ice cream we are used to here. It’s also a hit in South Korea and is now gaining global appeal including Malaysia where the first Milkcow premium oce cream parlour has opened at The Gardens Mall.

The Gardens Milkcow outlet measures over 200-sq. ft. and the brand was established by Korea-based MCOSTAR Corporation Limited in 2014. On Malaysia, the master franchisee of the Milkcow brand is Blubites Sdn Bhd. Milkcow ice cream is healthy and wholesome as it is made using organic, preservative-free milk. The ice cream is made fresh daily and delivered to the outlet once or twice daily, each batch only lasting a maximum of three days. Other brands of soft serve ice cream may have a shelf life of three to four weeks as they are made from powdered milk.

milkcow ice

Milkcow’s offerings are priced at RM8, RM11 and RM13, each featuring different toppings. Eleven different toppings are available, including homemade chocolate, macarons, organic cotton candy and marshmallows. A must-try is Milkcow’s signature soft serve ice cream with honeycomb topping, which is a hit among South Koreans. The honeycomb used is 100% natural, sourced from reputable local bee farms.

Served in  cone or cup, the honeycomb ice cream consists of 90 percent organic milk and topped with fine honey. This one is exquisite and the honey tastes very pure. In future, Milkcow plans to introduce a café style outlet, among others, to cater to both adults and children.

Milkcow is located at LG-K23, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall.