On The Mend With Mentholatum Deep Cold Patch


dsc_8088Anyone who has ever suffered a sprain will know it can take what seems like an eternity to recover. More than a week since I fell almost flat on my face, I am still wearing cold patches. I tried a few of the Tiger Balm Plaster (Cool), I decided to try Mentholatum Deep Cold Patch. The Mentholatum one also comes in 2 pads measuring 10cm x 14cm similar to Tiger Balm Plaster Large. However unlike the Tiger Balm Plaster, Mentholatum’s does not comes with another covering for the plaster. The Tiger Balm outer covering is like a bandage that holds the plaster securely.


Mentholatum Deep Cold Patch is indeed rather cooling for hours. It’s still cool after 6 hours of wear and provides effective relief for the aching caused by the sprain. Mentholatum’s is slightly cooler than Tiger Balm’s. At first I got this from Watsons which cost above RM6 but AA Pharmacy sells it for RM5.