Melvita Argan Oil



 Melvita Rose Floral Water & Argan Oil

Melvita is a brand which is famous for its organic oils and its Argan Oil is the one which can be used on both face and body (also hair). The bottle has a pump which makes it easier to dispense than Josie Maran’s version which comes in a dropper bottle. Other differences between Melvita’s Argan Oil and Josie Maran’s are :-

  • Melvita Argan Oil is thicker and has a more golden colour
  • Melvita Argan Oil leaves a more visible moisture sheen
  • Melvita Argan Oil has a more nutty scent
  • Melvita Argan Oil is RM111/50ml whereas Josie Maran’s is RM169/50ml

Argan Oil has multi-purposes as stated above and one of the ways Melvita’s Argan Oil can be used is as a mask. Add 2 drops of the Argan Oil in with Melvita Floral Water and soak in a compressed mask :-


There is a difference in adding those 2 drops of Argan Oil as my skin feels a lot softer than if I use the Floral Water without the Argan Oil. Of course if you don’t have the Floral Water, you can add the Argan Oil to your own toner as I have also done.

Spritzing some Floral Water or wiping my skin with toner before patting on the Argan Oil makes for quicker and more effective absorption of the Argan Oil. My face is more hydrated in the mornings with a dewy look if I’ve used the Argan Oil at night.

It’s an excellent body softener and moisturiser especially if I use it right after my shower and sometimes I just add a pump to my body lotion, makes all the difference. Also doubles up as a hand cream and I can see that it softens fine lines.

So far, it hasn’t clogged my pores, I’ve had no acne outbreak or any skin irritations. Melvita’s Argan Oil contains about 45% of super rich Omega 9 for enhancing sebum film and helping skin stay soft and elastic. It also contains about 30% of Omega 6 (linseed acid) for skin hydration and strengthening the sebum barrier.

I have used it on my hair after shampoo and just as on my skin, it leaves no greasy feeling. It doesn’t weigh down my hair and when my hair starts to look frizzy, it smooths down the frizzes. However since I only have 50ml, I ‘d best save it for my skin.

Products have been provided by Melvita Malaysia for review. Melvita Rose Floral Water retails at RM122/200ml.



  1. Interesting. Actually Im in between to get argan oil or marula oil,both are quite expensive to buy and regret. Need something multitasking to ease my eczema,treat my sensitive skin and get back that lustre hair. Any recommendation?

    • I don’t know of any multi-purpose product for treating eczema and providing lustre to hair but I read that Eucerin products are good for treating eczema. I know what you mean, you don’t want to end up with a product that isn’t suitable for you. I’d try the drugstore first for the eczema cure, the pharmacist can probably recommend a few products. As for hair, I still think that oils like the L’oreal Professionnel Mythic Oils are the best for adding shine and keeping hair looking less dry.