Mayura Apothecary Offers Holistic & Natural Products


It was only because I was meeting someone at M+ Pharmacy in Bangsar Village that I found out that the pharmacy has quite a number of interesting skincare and bodycare brands, most of which contain natural ingredients and are made in Malaysia. One of them is Mayura Apothecary. The founders of this brand are siblings, Henri and Yoking Lai. They even grow some of the herbs that go into their products.

Mayura Apothecary started when Henri Lai encountered a lack of safe and natural skincare in the market. Practising as a herbalist, he met a lot of sufferers of skin problems in his day-to-day job in the pharmacy and found it repugnant that the medical world did not offer anything more than steroid creams to patients with skin conditions.

One of Mayura’s bestsellers and most interesting products if the Butterfly Pea Shampoo because it darkens hair. Great for those who don’t like colouring their hair. We all need to cover our greys sooner or later!