One Of The Rare Occasions When I Have To Apply For A Refund On Shopee


dsc_9267I have lost count of the number of products I bought on Shopee ever since I downloaded the app in March this year. Most of the sellers are good, some are even excellent. In the past few weeks, I bought more than 6 batches of brooches from different sellers. One seller in particular had these cute brooches, among them these turtle and bird brooches. However it took the seller 5 days to ship out the brooches and when it finally arrived 10 days after my order was made, I only received 2 out of the 4 brooches I ordered and to make things worse, the 2 brooches in the envelope were damaged/broken.

Never had this problem with any of the batches that arrived prior to this one. It’s quite easy to apply for a refund on Shopee fortunately and you can submit a photo as evidence but it isn’t compulsory, then wait 4 days for the seller to respond, failing which you get the refund automatically. So far the seller hasn’t responded. He has until Saturday to respond. In this case, the seller should have informed me prior to shipping that the brooches I wanted are not available and given me an option to choose others. This order is the most disappointing of all as the brooches I ordered are beautiful. What a pity the seller couldn’t deliver.