MAC Beauty Workshop With Irena Adam


Last week, MAC at KLCC held a series of beauty workshops over 4 days to showcase the Quite Cute Collection. Irena Adam whose work is seen on this month’s cover of Malaysia Tatler, gave a presentation on application of makeup from start to finish. Irena is a much sought after makeup artist by the well heeled in Malaysia. She was assisted by Zuey who would be a familiar face to MAC’s regular customers in Sogo. She is now based in MAC, KLCC.

To start off the makeover, Irena spritzed the model’s face with Charged Water which contains Vitamin C. It’s a good wakeup call in the morning and preps skin before foundation. Irena used Mineralize Skinfinish before applying eye makeup. She prefers to apply foundation only after eye makeup so as to avoid double work since the undereye area will be inevitably smudged during the application of eye makeup.

Cream Colour Base in Luna was used on the model’s eyelids to mattify lids and intensify eyeshadow colours. It’s especially useful as a base for MAC’s lustre texture eyeshadows which are more powdery than other textures. Other than the Cream Colour Base, Prep+Prime Eye can also be used as a base for eyeshadows.

Irena used the following brushes in the process (not in chronological order):-

(1) #239 to pick up eyeshadows and blending

(2) #266 liner brush to apply eyeshadow on the eyebrows

(3) #219 to apply eyeshadows on the outer corners of eyes

(4) #217 blending brush for concealer

(5) #187 to apply foundation

(6) #163 for shading Mineralize Skinfinish.

For a more intense eye look, Irena used the Penultimate Eyeliner on top of the Technakohl liner. Lightful Moisture Creme was applied before Studio Perfect SPF15 foundation. For shading the face, Irena suggests Mineralize Skinfinish 2-3 times darker than your skin tone.

Irena applied lip pencil first on the model in order to shape the lips, followed by Play Time lipstick and I ♥ U Plushglass. She recommends using a lip primer after the lip pencil to fill in lines so that no cracks show on the lips. Using a lip primer will also smooth lipstick application.

For those living and working around Putrajaya, there will be a MAC temporary counter at Alamanda’s Concourse from 26th April to 4th May. There will be an Advanced Makeup Workshop by Haritha Shan at Traders Hotel on 15th May. For more information and details, please contact MAC, KLCC at 03-2382 0950.