Losing That Loving Feeling



Love is in the air today but I’m not feeling it. Maybe it has something to do with recent events but we all feel less loving on some days although I could never ever have less affection for my pets. I think that generally most of us try to be nice, good and kind to others we work with but it really sucks when we get nothing in return and if you think I am being cynical on this day of love, I am.

So here’s my poem for today, drafted in 20 minutes after midnight on V-Day 2014.

When you start with a good intention

It doesn’t necessarily have a good conclusion

Something that used to give me cause for celebration

Recently lost my attention


They say things happen for a reason

Maybe there will never be any appreciation

But if I have learned a lesson

It’s that love is not in every season


So if you have every intention of being obliging

Don’t expect anyone to be reciprocating

In that way you learn not to expect something

In return for anything


It’ll be less damaging

To a relationship that was just starting

A friendship that had the potential to be developing

Into one that was quite promising


It’s time to count my blessings instead of my loss

Look at the grass and not the moss

Hoping that things will not turn out to be gross

Every time that our paths cross


Never mind all this dross

Simply don’t give a toss

Nor take a moment to pause

To care any more about people who sit on their high horse

This is a work of fiction and bears no reference to actual persons, living or dead. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.












  1. I love this poem very much! There is even rhythm! Yeah, it also voice my feelings too. When people just don’t appreciate our work, hurt us and said we don’t do enough.

  2. If all affection is lost,
    If all tenacity and resolve is gone,
    But never let your adversaries triumph,
    And never ever let your spirit waver!