L’oreal Paris Treatment Waters



Ever since I first heard about Treatment Waters, I was wondering when there’d be a drugstore version. I might fork out more than RM200 or RM300 on a good anti-aging serum but I would baulk at paying that much for Treatment Waters so if there’s a drugstore version, I would be very interested.

Well well, my wish has been answered in the form of the two L’oreal Paris Treatment Waters, one for brightening (blue clear bottle) and the other for anti-aging (red more opaque bottle). Both bottles are plastic so they aren’t heavy.

I know what you’re thinking, you already cleanse, apply toner and moisturize and some of you even apply a pre-serum so where do these Treatment Waters come in your skincare regimen? They are recommended to be used after your toner and before your pre-serum or serum. They are not toners. They are designed to enhance the absorption of skincare to follow.


I’ve tried a sample of Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence which was more watery than these 2 L’Oreal Paris Treatment Waters. These feel more concentrated and thicker which is ideal for massaging on to the face. The recommended steps are:-

STEP 1: Pour approximately a 1cm-size of the treatment water on your palm.

STEP 2: Apply liberally on your face and neck. Massage upwards to gently soften and regulate the skin surface.

STEP 3: Using your fingers, gently press into your skin with a pressing technique. Repeat this process, especially on areas of concern like your forehead and around the mouth.

STEP 4: After pressing, cover cheeks with your palms to aid with absorption.

There’s an immediate skin softening effect once the waters have been applied and they certainly enhance the efficacy of skincare especially hydrating products. They feel refreshing and I like the texture of both Treatment Waters.

Revitalift Laser™ X3 Skin Anti-Aging Power Water is available for a recommended retail price of RM89.90 while White Perfect Laser™ Brightening Treatment Water is available for a recommended retail price of RM79.90. Both are 175ml.


  1. It seems the vocabularies for skincare products is getting larger. Now we have treatment water. Another name for it would be essence since the texture is watery but it has ingredients for treating the skin. So, I guess many would mistake that treatment water is actually toner. It is different from floral water right?

    • Floral waters are very different and yes, because of the fluid nature of treatment waters, one may think they are another form of toner. Think of treatment waters as prep products for skincare to follow.