Long Lasting Moisture Masks From Naisture

Naisture Masks

There are few sheet masks that are outstanding for their ability to deliver moisture. Most sheet masks I’ve tried are on the whole average and not a repurchase but the Naisture sheet masks from Korea are a repurchase through and through.

They come in five varieties, white rose, lovely strawberry, moisture green tea, sweet honey and olive. I’ve tried the white rose mask before and only recently repurchased it together with lovely strawberry which claims to control excessive sebum but since I don’t have oily skin, I can’t really comment on that.

This is one of the thinnest sheet masks I’ve used and it’s known as “triple cushion sheet” to help absorption of the essence (each mask supposedly contains 20ml of essence). It provides a close fit to the face but the strip along the nose is a little too long so it covers my nostrils. I have to lift it up a bit in order to breathe.

The lovely strawberry sheet mask has the scent of strawberry essence. Unlike most sheet masks manufactured in Korea/Taiwan these days, this sheet mask isn’t wrapped around a plastic sheet but it isn’t that difficult to unfold. However, because it is so thin, one has to be careful in adjusting it on the face, I tore a section while pulling it upwards along my hairline.

After more than half an hour of usage, the mask still feels very moist. It’s one of the longest lasting moisture masks I’ve ever used which is why it’s one of my favourite sheet masks. Moreover, it’s priced at just RM4.90 and sometimes you can even get it on 20% discount at Sasa outlets.