L’occitane Almond Collection 2014



L’occitane recently introduced their revamped Almond Collection to the media, there are reformulated and new products. For many years, L’occitane has featured almonds as the key ingredient in their bestselling Almond Bodycare Collection, designed to help women reveal their feminine curves.

L’occitane retains all of the almond fruit which is full of Vitamin A and E, from transforming the crushed shells into gentle exfoliators to processing the almond tree buds for its draining and toning properties. The fruit is full of endless possibilities. The brand purchases almonds from the South of France, in particular Provence.

Benefits of almonds include:-

  • Almond extract – tightening
  • Almond proteins – smoothing
  • Almond oil – softening
  • Almond butter – moisturising
  • Almond milk – nourishing
  • Almond shells -exfoliating
  • Almond tree bud extract – toning & smoothing

This year, L’occitane brings us an even more enhanced Almond bodycare routine that makes the best out of the amazing slimming and firming benefits of Almonds. With a relaunch of all-time favourites, plus the introduction of limited-edition novelty products, Almond Collection fans will certainly find themselves spoilt for choice.

Highlights of the Almond Collection:-


Milk Concentrate (200ml, RM214) NEW Formula



Application tips : Massage on whole body each morning and/or evening, focusing on areas prone to slackening like thighs, stomach and bust. Use circular movements from bottom to top, moving upwards.

Enriched with Almond oil and milk, this rich, deliciously fragrant silky cream helps nourish and visibly soften the skin while keeping it hydrated for 48 hours*. The new complex with tightening walnut and Almond extracts helps protect skin elasticity and stimulate cell renewal. Combined with Almond proteins and silicium, it helps to visibly tighten and smooth the skin.

* 48-hour hydration(by measurement of hydration rate on 12 women with corneometer)

85% of women noted a firmer skin appearance (result observed by 20 women after 28 days)

I have been using this cream after my shower, skin feels silky soft and I love the lingering scent of almonds on my hands. It’s a beautiful cream which is not too thick and absorbs quickly into skin. It is certainly very hydrating. The bottle is glass and it’s rather heavy. I am very very cautious when handling this. I wish it came in a pump bottle.

Supple Skin Oil (100ml, RM187) NEW Formula


Application tips : Spray directly on skin and massage with upward circular motions. Concentrate on areas with skin slackening or stretch marks like thighs, buttocks, tummy and arms.

The Almond-shaped bottle contains a golden elixir that is rapidly absorbed without leaving behind a greasy residue. Consisting of more than 50% Almond oil, it is rich in Omega 6 and comes enriched with silicium and Muscat rose bush oil to help boost skin’s firmness. The dry oil effectively fights against dryness, loss of elasticity and even stretch marks. Hence, it is perfect for pregnant women, both before and after pregnancy.

I used the Supple Skin Oil before the Milk Concentrate, it sprays a fine mist of oil and doesn’t feel greasy. Very luxurious feeling and I think it’s the ideal solution for anyone concerned about stretch marks. It’s also in a glass bottle and I handle this one with extreme caution as well.


Tonic Body Oil (100ml, RM198) NEW



Application tips : Apply every morning and evening on whole body, massaging into skin with upward circular motions. Concentrate on areas with cellulite like thighs, buttocks and tummy.

For the first time ever, an ultra-dry oil for a refreshing anti-cellulite routine. Do away with heavy creams and treat yourself to a sensorial experience. A cocktail of 5 essential oils (immortelle, palmarosa, mint, carrot and cypress), with the addition of pink pepper oil, penetrates quickly to visibly reduce cellulite appearance and reshape the body.

I was told that this product is a must-have for anyone trying to lose weight!



Lighter Legs (75ml, RM86) NEW

This refreshing cream-gel is the perfect antidote to the heat, with peppermint and camphor essential oil to stimulate microcirculation and refresh tired legs and feet. Tapioca natural powder leaves a velvety finish on the skin, allowing you to dress up immediately without feeling sticky. Enjoy the lingering Almond blossom fragrance to get you in the mood.

Smooth Hands (75ml, RM80) NEW

Your hands need extra care too. Formulated with softening Almond milk and smoothing Almond proteins, this light hand cream instantly moisturises and beautifies skin. Featuring a delicate Almond blossom fragrance, the hand cream leaves skin feeling baby-soft and velvety.

The reformulated & new products in the Almond Collection will be available at all L’occitane Boutiques nationwide in June 2014.