Little Fat Duck One Utama Shopping Centre



In search of lunch at One Utama this afternoon, I chanced upon Little Fat Duck’s lunch specials. Pasta at RM5? That was a good deal and today’s special is carbonara which is my favourite pasta. I wouldn’t have minded Pesto either which was yesterday’s special.

You order at the counter and are given a slip of paper with a number on it. Take a seat and wait for your number to be called. I also ordered their mushroom soup at RM4.50. Other main courses include Chicken Confit and Grilled Fish @ RM13 each.



Everything is served in cardboard for easy disposal and the cutlery is plastic. The mushroom soup came in a small portion but that’s all right with me as long as the quality is there. In this case, the consistency was disappointingly liquid and tasted like the Pizza Hut mushroom soup. This tastes like something from a can or pre-mix powder. Not worth RM4.50. I wouldn’t even order this again if the price was RM1.

Little Fat Duck One Utama Shopping Centre’s weekday customers are mainly office staff

Just about everyone around my table had a tag around their neck, all office staff out for a quick, cheap and no-frills lunch. No one lingers there to chat and this isn’t a place I’d hang out at for an hour.



The pasta carbonara was good, not salty and the sauce was thick enough and sufficient to coat every strand of pasta. There were some chicken pieces among the pasta. Portion is small so if you are very hungry, you will need 2 boxes of this or eat something else afterwards. It’s a satisfying pasta but they need to improve on the soup.