Why I Have To Listen To Sleeping Music


screenshot_20190611-082132Prior to a few days ago, I never knew YouTube had such a large selection of sleeping music or music to help insomnia and relaxation. Some of the videos are 8, 10 and 12 hours long. I had to resort to some sort of sleeping aid as I haven’t slept well in weeks no thanks to my neighbour who stubbornly refuses to keep her dogs confined at night so that they don’t bark at the gate during all hours of the night. I have no idea what goes on in her mind as requests have been made to her and she obviously knows her dogs cause a ruckus after midnight unless she is deaf which obviously she isn’t as she is much younger than me.

So I delved into the world of sleeping music, everything from waves crashing on to rocks/shores, Zen music, Chakra cleansing music, waterfall sounds, Tibetan bowls + Ocean waves, thunder and rain (who would want to listen to thunder as they sleep?), Native American Flute music, piano music, soothing jazz tunes, whale sounds, Delta waves, cosmic sounds (traveling on a space ship), Bamboo water fountain and many more were available for download.

screenshot_20190611-082357screenshot_20190611-082517The first time I tried it, I was not used to listening to water sounds etc. but slowly and surely I drifted off to sleep and I think I can get even more used to the different sounds. Very interesting, I wonder how many people are like me with an annoying neighbour and equally annoying dogs and have to resort to sleeping music.