Lip Hop Happy Cleanse Sebum-control Amazon Clay Foam Cleanser



One look at the name of this cleanser and you’ll know it’s formulated for oily skins. Lip Hop Happy Cleanse Sebum-Control Amazon Clay Foam Cleanser draws out excess oil from pores and effectively controls sebum for healthy skin glow. The sebum control foam cleanser is specially formulated with Korean Botani Seed Complex to improve skin moisture and Pro-Soother that helps soothe skin.


It comes out of the rube quite thick and when added to water, there’s good lather. Doesn’t dry out my skin. I’ve used it to remove make-up and it does that effectively. Has a pleasant scent and overall, better than average for a drugstore brand. At RM12.90, can’t complain but I think it’s more for younger skins or skins with no special needs.

Product reviewed is a press sample.