Life Is Too Short To Be Arguing Over Feeding A Cat


For the past few days, my neighbours, an elderly couple in their 70s, have had arguments in the morning because the husband has been feeding a stray cat who wanders into their back garden and the wife doesn’t like that at all. Most of the time, I can only hear the wife scolding the husband and banging things around in the kitchen.

This made me wonder why such a seemingly trivial matter and some would even praise the husband for a good deed, would provoke such anger in the wife. I think they are very lucky to still have each other in advanced years and as far as I can see, both are still in good health.

It might be easier said than done but I think that we should appreciate our family more instead of taking it out on them when in fact, they are doing a good thing. After all, life is short and we ought to be grateful if we still have loved ones around us.