Learning A Language Is So Challenging But Interesting


For the past week, I have been on tenterhooks because I’ve been studying for the Japanese Beginner 3 test which I thought was today but because I attended a replacement class (my class is actually on Wednesdays), today’s class was doing revision and their test is next Saturday. I sat through the class anyway since I was already there and when I went to Iloha Culture Centre’s office to enquire about the Beginner 4 class starting next week, I informed them that I thought I was taking the test today. I was geared for the questions and adrenaline was pumping so it was somewhat of a disappointment not to take the test today.

When the Head and one of the teachers heard about my little problem, they suggested that I take the test there and then on my own. They said since I had just attended the revision class, everything would still be fresh in my mind, no? Yeah I wish! I’m still confused over the correct usage of particles and grappling with the characters.

Still, taking the test today is much better than having to go through another week of anticipation since the suspense was killing me. I doubt I have done exceedingly well in this test. I only expect an average score but I have to say I am very taken with the language as it is challenging. I get homework every week and most of the time, I am scratching my head wondering what it’s all about but I have learned a lot in the past 9 months and don’t regret taking it up. I am very much looking forward to starting the Beginner 4 course next week.