Laneige Presents The 2014 Raw Beauty Makeup Trend With Its Latest Makeup Collection



Laneige 2014 Makeup Collection

One thing that strikes me when I watch the occasional episode of a K-drama is how radiant and glowing the actresses’ skins are. They look as if they have barely any makeup on and yet they must have foundation/powder/the works. I guess most of us would love to achieve the “no-makeup makeup” look and this is where Laneige’s 2014 Trend, ‘Raw Beauty’ comes in.

‘Raw Beauty” is about pink glowing skin and LED lips for a natural yet sophisticated look. Lips are bright with almost neon shades of pink, orange and magenta but eyes are more subtle with brown, beige and coral tones. Laneige’s 1st makeup collection for 2014 comprises the Serum Intense Lipstick, Pure Radiant Shadow and Pure Radiant Blush.

Laneige Global Makeup Trainer, Cat Koh Young Eun was in town recently to demonstrate the use of the products from this collection on a model.


Cat Koh Young Eun & model before the maleup demo


Cat Koh Young Eun & model after the maleup demo (spot the differences?)



Serum Intense Lipstick RM70 Flash Pink, Twinkle Coral, Flair Magenta, Luminous Red

Nicknamed LED Lipstick, the Serum Intense Lipstick comes in 12 vivid shades. Contains 35% serum component which makes it extremely glossy. Features of the LED Lipstick:-

1. Triple Moisturising Factors

 Enhanced with triple moisturising factors that include the Stabilization formula to improve the ability of glycerin to absorb moisture in the air and supply it to the skin for additional hydration; enhanced fatty acid ingredient which plumps up the lips and natural botanical squalene that supplies oxygen to the lips and also forms a protective barrier that prevents moisture from evaporating.

2. ShineLED Base & Pigment Downsizing Technology

Pigment particles are crushed into even tinier particles through the Air Crush Z-Mill Grinding process that enables the enhancement of colour with a single application.

3. Soft Sliding Maximization Design

Known as the Big Cage Formula, this unique formula maximizes the serum content to offer a cushiony and smooth feel upon application.

The other 8 shades are Shine Brown, Sparkle Pink, Pink Lightning, LED Pink, LED Red, Rose Ray, Red Flame and Violet Fever.



Pure Radiant Shadow RM100 Urban Beige (Pearl Ivory, Champagne Pink, Glossy Brown, Dark Brown)

The Pure Radiant Shadow features a trendy mix of metallic and matte pastel colours. Mix and match from quads, the others are Shiny Gold, Pink Holic, Serene Purple, City Khaki, Glossy Purple and Miss Twinkle. To ensure that the colours are vivid, ultra-fine and consistent particles are used in the formulation. Sponge-like Puffy Elastic Powder is also used to enable the shadow to be spread evenly and smoothly, keeping the colours lump-free and light.


Pure Radiant Blush RM85

The Pure Radiant Blush comes in 4 natural shades and is formulated with fine powder that has a Superior Glow Scattering Effect when applied to the skin. It also functions to even up the skin tone and reflect light from different angles to prevent the skin from looking shiny.

These are the 4 variants:-

1. Chi Chi Pink

2. Blossom Coral

3. Angel Pink

4. Pink Glow

All products will be available at Laneige counters in January 2014.


  1. But most K-drama actors & actresses most of them look like white ghost where their skin complexion seems really fair and sometimes pale in comparison.

    However, the one that was demonstrated above looks quite natural.

  2. Did they show the makeup for the skin of the face? I mean like (base& cc cream)? Yeah because Korean like it fair where the face and neck is of different colour. Kevin, not all actress look like ghost in the drama series, some look really natural.