Laneige Moisturizing Trio : Collaboration With Sanna Annukka


In “The Story of Blue Bird”, the Belgian writer, Maeterlinck states that “Happiness is always close to us, but it is not easy for us to realize it.” It’s the story of Chir-Chir and Michir who go on a trip to find the blue bird, the symbol of happiness, the day before Christmas, but they cannot find the blue bird anywhere. Actually, the blue bird they were looking for was the pigeon that was in the blue cage in front of their home. The blue bird, the symbol of happiness, was always by their side.

Could Laneige’s moisturizing products be the blue bird for your skincare, like the blue bird of Chir-Chir and Michir? In celebration of the 2011 Christmas season, Laneige presents its Limited Edition Moisturizing Trio via collaboration with the world-famous illustrator Sanna Annukka.

This Limited Edition (not a set, products can be purchased separately) represents the concept of “Winter Moisture from the Blue Bird,” and consists of Power Essential Toner, Water Bank Essence and Sleeping Pack, the bestsellers of Laneige. The products bear a new Northern-European style design via collaboration with Sanna Annukka who is well known for her fairytale-like and fantastic illustrations.

These are the 3 Limited Edition products:-

1) Power Essential Skin Refiner (Light/Moisture 400ml) RM165.

2) Water Bank Essence 60ml RM165.

3) Water Sleeping Pack_EX 80ml RM100.