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In celebration of the much-anticipated Christmas and New Year holidays, Laneige is introducing its exclusive Holiday Collection sets. The 2014 Holiday Collection will have the ladies torn between getting the bestselling BB Cushion, a Basic Care Kit, the Water Sleeping Pack or a spanking new makeup palette. There are so many sets to choose from!

Limited Edition Sparkling Water Sleeping Pack_EX RM100

Holiday Collection - 2014 Holiday Water Sleeping Pack_EX_PackshotWhile you are sleeping away your tiredness at night, put on the Water Sleeping Pack to instantly brighten skin tone and experience intense moisture on skin while you sleep. It also helps the body feel relaxed more easily with Sleepscent™ which promotes greater revitalization of skin when the body is in a relaxed, resting mode.

Limited Edition Sparkling BB Cushion RM150

Holiday Collection - 2014 Holiday BB Cushion_OpenThe BB Cushion for the Holiday Collection comes in a new limited edition design to match your party look. Fashioned in White Pearl coating on the front plate and Rose Gold coating on the side, the Laneige bestseller will not only prep your skin for the night but will also work to conceal blemishes and brighten the skin.

Sparkling Party Makeup Palette RM105

Holiday Collection - 2014 Sparkling Party Makeup Palette_moodshot_without background

The star of the range, the Sparkling Party Makeup Palette is all you need to look fabulous for the festive season. New and in limited quantity, the Sparkling Party Makeup Palette will feature glitter nails and glitter shadows besides the ever popular Water Drop Tint in Neon Pink and Raspberry Pink. I have a feeling this set will be the 1st to sell out, look at the price. The makeup palette is made up of:

1. Water Drop Tint 4ml x 2 in Neon Pink and Raspberry Pink

2. Sparkling Glitter Nails 4ml x 2 in Golden Bubble and Pink Wine

3. Sparkling Dust Eyes (Eye shadow) in Pink Dust and Gold Dust

The Sparkling Party Makeup Palette Box comes in an exclusive festive design.

Apart from the above, the Laneige Sparkling Party Holiday Collection will also feature 10 Special Sparkly & Glitzy Sets which include Laneige’s bestselling skincare range and BB Cushion Sets.

1. Sparkling Hydration Essentials RM260 (worth RM397)

Holiday Collection - Sparkling Hydration Essentials RM260

Infused with Hydro Mineral Water and the new Biogene Technology™, it is now 8 times more effective in delivering moisture to the skin. The set includes:

  • Water Bank Essence_EX 60ml
  • Water Bank Gel Cream_EX 50ml
  • Water Bank Double Soothing Gel Mask 1pc
  • Water Bank Essence_EX 10ml
  • Water Bank Eye Gel_EX 3ml
  • Glittering Pouch

2. Sparkling Sleeping Beauty Duo RM190 (worth RM301)

Holiday Collection - Sparkling Sleeping Beauty Duo RM190

If you are a fan of the global best-seller Water Sleeping Pack, you would certainly love to have this set as it also comes with the Firming Sleeping Pack. The Firming Sleeping Pack does not only have the benefit of the Water Sleeping Pack, it also helps you improve the overall firmness and elasticity of your skin. You can use both the Water Sleeping Pack and Firming Sleeping Pack  on alternate weeks to enjoy the benefits of both the products. After a long night, pamper yourself to sleep with this essential sleeping pack set and wake up with firmer, brighter and hydrated skin with this set that consists of:

  • Water Sleeping Pack Ltd Edition 80ml
  •  Firming Sleeping Pack  60ml
  • Power Essential Skin Refiner Light 25ml
  • Multiberry Yogurt Pack 20ml
  • Glittering Pouch

3. Sparkling White Essentials RM310 (worth RM483)

 Holiday Collection - Sparkling White Essentials RM310

Here’s your chance to get your hands on the limited edition Sparkly White Plus Renew Set. In this set, you will find the White Plus Renew Original Essence, a winner of more than 10 Global Beauty Awards. The White Plus Renew Original Essence targets all 3 colour pigments (i.e. Melanin, Carotene and Haemoglobin) and brightens the skin by 2 tones in 8 weeks. This set is really worth the price as you get an extra 10ml of the Essence and includes:

  • White Plus Renew Original Essence 40ml
  • White Plus Renew Original Cream 50ml
  • White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack 3g x 2
  • White Plus Renew Eye Cream 3ml
  • White Plus Renew Original Essence 10mlTone-Up Corrector 10ml
  • Glittering Pouch

4. Sparkling Water Essentials RM150 (worth RM244)  

Holiday Collection - Sparkling Water Set RM150

Rid your skin of fatigue with this Sparkling Water Essentials Set. The Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence will instantly make your skin look clear and radiant. It contains 31% of sparkling water and abundant nutrients, which increases the brightening effects on the skin. Paired with the Brightening Sparkling Water Peeling Mask, your face will thank you for relieving it of dryness. Containing AHA/BHA ingredients, the peeling mask is designed to break the bonds that hold dry skin together while improving skin wrinkling and roughness. This nutritional set consists of:

  • Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence 100ml
  • Brightening Sparkling Water Peeling Mask 3 sheets
  • White Plus Renew Skin Refiner 15ml
  • White Plus Renew Emulsion 15ml
  • Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel 10ml
  • Glittering Pouch

5. Sparkling Perfect Renew Essentials RM240 (worth RM390)

Holiday Collection - Sparkling Perfect Renew Set RM340

Formulated with Ceramide Repair Water and Skin Charger Complex™, this Perfect Renew Essentials Kit targets problems such as dryness, roughness and wrinkles. The Perfect Renew  Emulsion which is the next step after the refiner offers a double moisturizing effect for smoother and more moisturized skin. The Sparkling Perfect Renew Essential Set consists of:

  • Perfect Renew Skin Refiner 120ml
  • Perfect Renew Emulsion 100ml
  • Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream 3ml
  • Perfect Renew Essence 5ml
  • Perfect Renew Cream 10ml
  • Firming Sleeping Pack 5ml
  • Glittering Pouch

6. Sparkling Youth Restoring Essentials RM180 (worth RM281)

Holiday Collection - Sparkling Youth Restoring Essentials RM180

In this set, you will find the revolutionary Time Freeze Intensive Cream, Laneige’s anti-aging cream with proven clinical results. According to a study done to test its efficacy, the cream was noted to have the fastest elasticity increase known in clinical history. Paired with the Time Freeze Essence, the set is made up of:

  • Time Freeze Intensive Cream 50ml
  • Perfect Renew Skin Refiner 10ml
  • Perfect Renew Emulsion 10ml
  • Time Freeze Essence 5ml
  • Glittering Pouch

7. Glitzy BB Cushion Pore Control Set RM200 (worth RM344)

Holiday Collection - Glitzy BB Cushion Pore Control Set RM200

The BB Cushion Pore Control purifies the pores and enhance skin’s capability to prevent further pore troubles. The Curling Mascara is created with Laneige’s first Air Gel formula – a Water Zero ultra-light, highly functional formula. This Glitzy set consists of:

  • BB Cushion Pore Control No. 21
  • Curling Mascara
  • Lip Palette
  • Lip & Eye Makeup Remover 25ml
  • Pore Tight Essence 10ml
  • K-Fashionista Clutch

8. Glitzy BB Cushion Whitening Set RM220 (worth RM355)

Holiday Collection - Glitzy BB Cushion Whitening Set RM200

If you desire a brighter and more transparent complexion, the BB Cushion Whitening Set has 6-in-1 function (Whitening + UV Protection + Makeup Tint + Water Resistant + Soothing Effect + Moisturizing Effect) to give your skin all the protection it needs In the set, you will also find the newly launched Brush Pact, which is the perfect pair for the BB Cushion. The Brush Pact was created to implement the delicate touch of a professional makeup artist. Its soft-sensation brush has been found to pick up a lot more powder compared to ordinary wool brushes. This set is a good combination of Laneige’s skincare and make-up:

  • BB Cushion Whitening No. 21 Limited Edition
  • Brush Pact #1 Natural Finishing
  • Lip Palette
  • Lip & Eye Makeup Remover 25ml
  • White Plus Renew Original Essence 10ml
  • K-Fashionista Clutch

9. Dual Action Holiday Set for HIM RM185 (worth RM287)

Holiday Collection - Sparkling Homme Dual Action Set RM185

A perfect gift for your significant other, the Dual Action Holiday Set is made up of the Dual Action Mousse Cleanser and Dual Action Essence Lotion, which is the key product of the Dual Action range. Infused with Dual Action Water that has been customized for men who have concerns about skin fatigue and pores, this new range contains essential vitamins and minerals. This infusion helps to promote moisture retention for 24-hours hydration and restore skin damage caused by UV rays. The Mousse Cleanser works as a cleanser and a shaving cream whereas the Essence Lotion controls the formation of sebum, thus leaving the skin bright and oil-free. The Dual Action Holiday Set for HIM contains:

  • Dual Action Mousse Cleanser 150ml
  • Dual Action Essence Lotion 40ml
  • Dual Action Energy Toner 25ml
  • Dual Action Essence Lotion 5ml
  • Sun Block Supreme 10ml
  • Homme Toiletries Pouch

10. Pore Clearing Holiday Set for HIM RM135 (worth RM228)

Holiday Collection - Sparkling Homme Pore Clearing Set RM228

The Homme Pore Clearing range will be perfect if your guy has pore concerns. Containing Green Clay Minerals, it has strong absorbent powers that effectively absorbs impurities and toxins from the skin. Treatments using Green Clay Mineral have shown significant reduction in sebum secretion and pore size just after four hours. The Pore Clearing Cleanser is formulated with scaling beads to gently exfoliate and remove dirt whereas the Pore Clearing Gel stimulates oxygen consumption, combats irritation and helps in tissue regeneration. The Pore Clearing Holiday Set for HIM is made up of:

  • Pore Clearing Cleanser 150ml
  • Pore Clearing Gel 125ml
  • Pore Clearing Cleanser 30ml
  • Pore Clearing Gel 25ml
  • Homme Toiletries Pouch

The 2014 Holiday Collection will be available at all Laneige beauty counters starting 1 November 2014.









  1. Thank you for the information. There are so many Laneige sets that I don’t even know what to choose this time. All appeals to my needs and would tell me friend about the sparkling water sets which she wants to get. It worth to get sets than individual products!