KL Wellness City Showcases Remarkable Achievements In “Anything Is Possible” Event


KL Wellness City, a groundbreaking medical and wellness hub committed to redefining healthcare and living standards, held the press conference to announce some of it’s remarkable “Anything is Possible” projects. This event celebrates extraordinary attempts and achievements embodying the spirit of resilience, determination, and innovation that KL Wellness City stands for.

KL Wellness City stands at the forefront of a revolutionary approach to medical and wellness services, reshaping how medical professionals operate and people experience life. This visionary initiative not only transforms the medical landscape but also integrates wellness and longevity into everyday living. The aim is to establish Malaysia as the premier medical tourism destination and set new benchmarks in hospitality, lifestyle, and healthcare.

Program 1: Sponsorship for Climbing Mount Everest Base Camp (EBC)
KL Wellness City chosen remarkable 6-year-old child, Jacquelin Kaur who is striving to become the youngest Malaysian attempt to reach the Mount Everest Base Camp in September 2023. This incredible feat is not only a testament to human determination but also a platform to raise fund making this endeavour not just a personal achievement but a contribution to a meaningful cause that is to raise funds for the underprivilege children. The sponsorship by KL Wellness City will in return becomes donation by Jacquelin to charitable bodies.

To enhance this momentous occasion, KL Wellness City and Jacquelin handed over the mock up cheque amounting RM5,000 each to Orphan Care Foundation and World Vision Malaysia Assistance Fund representative.

Program 2: Employee of KL Wellness City
Adding to the incredible energy of the event, Executive Director, Dato Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew, and Corporate Advisor, Dr. Victor Chen, will be representing KL Wellness City at the Ironman event on September 16 in Italy. Their participation embodies the event’s theme – Anything is Possible – as they embrace the challenge of completing 3.8km swim, 180km cycling and 42.2km marathon run.

This remarkable achievement comes after successfully completing three full Ironman races in the past year. To add spice to the extraordinary effort by corporate person, Dato Sri Dr Vincent Tiew will also be attempting to complete 2 more full ironman competition after Italy. This is an attempt by Dato Sri Dr Vincent Tiew and Dr Victor Chen to complete 3 full ironman within 90 days.

Dato’ Colin Lee, the Managing Director of KL Wellness City handed over the KL Wellness City flag to both Dato Sri Dr Vincent Tiew and Dr Victor Chen symbolizing support, unity, and triumph.

Program 3: Global Triumph. Mr Ng Choon Keith & Mr Will Chong Emerges as the First Malaysians To Complete The World’s Longest National Open Water Swimming Competition-2023
The resounding success of Mr Ng Choon Keith & Mr Will Chong in The World’s Longest National Open Water Swimming Competition on 3rd September 2023 stands as a historic moment, as he becomes the first Malaysian to secure victory in this prestigious event. The 81 km swimming race – is a testament to the unyielding spirit of endurance and perseverance. In recognition of the success and record breaking feat; another RM3,000 cheque each were presented to World Vision Malaysia donated by Mr Ng Choon Keith and OrphanCare Foundation by Mr Will Chong, sponsored by KL Wellness City.

Event Details:

The World’s Longest National Open Water Swimming Competition-2023 encompassed two categories of formidable swimming challenges. Participants in the 81 Kms. swimming competition, comprising both men and women, embarked from the Ahiron Barrage Ghat in Jangipur and culminated at the Gorabazar Sadar Ghat in Berhampore within 12 hours 30 minutes.

A Historic Victory:

KL Wellness City proudly extend their warmest congratulations to Mr Ng Choon Keith & Mr Will Chong, who achieved an unprecedented feat by clinching victory in The World’s Longest National Open Water Swimming Competition-2023. On the 3rd September, 2023, they have carved their names in history as the first Malaysians to emerge victorious in this formidable challenge. Their triumph is a testament to indomitable spirit, unparalleled determination, and exceptional swimming prowess.