Kiss From A Morning Rose



The first MAC Collection I checked out this year is the Magnetic Nude Collection. It’s about radiant skin in soft, peachy nudes, golds and sheer pearls. There are Extra Dimension eyeshadows, Fluidlines, blush, Skinfinish, lipsticks and lipglasses. The one product that caught my attention was the Morning Rose Cremesheen Lipstick.

Now I have never had much luck with MAC’s Cremesheens as every Cremesheen I have ever owned has broken in the tube long before I can finish using it, even though I am very careful to store it in cool and dark places. I know they are delicate so I handle with care but despite all my precautions, they have always broken off.


Morning Rose looks like my kind of shade as it’s a light dusky rose, very neutral. It almost looks like the kind of shade produced by Bobbi Brown. I do have a weakness for this kind of shade but when I saw that it was Cremesheen, I had to think twice about getting it. Anyway, this is probably the most popular lipstick in the Magnetic Nude Collection as it was the first shade to sell out at MAC MidValley.