Kinohimitsu ‘Beauty & The Bliss’ Forum



There’s no better way of getting a thorough introduction to a brand and its products than attending a workshop and so it was quite enlightening attending Kinohimitsu’s ‘Beauty & The Bliss’ workshop recently. I don’t know much about health or beauty drinks but from what I’ve heard from other bloggers who consume these drinks, it seems to have worked wonders for their skin.

As we age, our skin gradually loses elasticity no thanks to decreasing levels of collagen which is why it’s necessary to top up collagen levels either through using skincare with collagen or the consumption of collagen drinks of which there are plenty out there with more to come, I’m sure.


Many of you would be familiar with Kinohimitsu as it’s so well known and has a major share of the health drink market. I’ve been intrigued with the brand for some time and so when I was invited for their ‘Beauty & The Bliss’ Forum, I came away with everything I’ve ever wanted to know about their products. I am amazed at the number of drinks Kinohimitsu offers.

The forum was presented by their Nutritionist Manager, Pei Yee who effortlessly and adeptly answered all the questions posed to her by a group of bloggers. She explained the importance and function of collagen in our bodies :-

  • collagen helps in cell renewal.
  • 70% of skin is made up of collagen.
  • collagen production reaches its peak when we are 25 years old.
  • collagen supports cellulite activity, forms connective tissues e.g. cartillage, blood tissues.
  • collagen supports skin so t won’t collapse.
  • collagen keeps skin firm and bouncy.
  • collagen keeps skin from sagging and loss of elasticity.
  • causes of collagen loss include ageing, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, excessive cigarette and liquor intake.

There are 5 key points to choosing the right collagen drink :-

1. The right amount

Recommended amount is between 2500-5000mg.

2. Molecule size

The molecule size has to be small enough for absorption and affects how fast you see results. If the size is too big, it is harder to absorb and burdens the colon and liver .

3. Source

Source of collagen affects the taste. Kinohimitsu sources its collagen from fish in France.

4. Formula and technology

This involves team work.

5. Does the formula affect your body’s absorption?

This is subjective and different people react differently to different collagen drinks.

Other factors to consider include hygiene/safety and effectiveness. With Kinohimitsu’s drinks, you will hear 2 clicks when you open the cap, this assures customers that the cap is sealed tight. Kinohimitsu recommends that the drinks be consumed for 6 days continuously and then one bottle every 2-3 days after that.


For most people starting out with collagen drinks, Kinohimitsu recommends the Beauty Drink-Collagen (image above) which contains 2,500mg of high concentrated fish collagen. They recommend that the drink be consumed in the morning before breakfast or at night before bed. In the morning, absorption into the body is at its best while at night, our body rebuilds collagen, heals scars and skin renewal.

For those with mature skins, the Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink comes with 5300mg of Collagen Peptide to restore youthful, resilient and radiant skin. According to Kinohimitsu, Collagen Peptide has shorter molecular stucture and is almost similar to the collagen structure in our body, thus it is easily absorbed by our skin. The drink claims to actively boost collagen synthesis and repair damaged collagen fibers to minimize the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.


The D’tox Juice comes in Plum and Cranberry flavours with Plum being the preferred flavour (a reliable source informed me). These drinks flush out toxins from our bowel within 2-4 hours. I think we all need a complete cleanse every now and then!


The StemCell Drink contains patented Snow Lotus Stem Cell, DNA, RNA and other active ingredients to rejuvenate and re-energise every cell in our body. The 5 significant effects of this drink include but are not limited to repairing cells, improving skin elasticity, improving body vitality, enhancing joint flexibility and improving immunity.


Men are not left out as there is a drink specially formulated for them. This drink is recommended for :-

  • men above 25 years old
  • oily skin with enlarged pores/ blemished skin
  • constantly exposed to UV rays
  • frequent traveller
  • always stay up late
  • alcoholic beverage drinkers
  • active and passive cigarette smokers
  • coffee drinker
  • spend long hours in air-conditioned environment

I think that more or less covers the majority of men!

This forum was very helpful to further my understanding of the functions of health & beauty drinks and the key ingredients. Kinohimitsu also has drinks for bust firming, de-stressing, flexible joints, lowering cholesterol and improving skin pigmentation.

Note : All product descriptions in this feature have been provided by Kinohimitsu. Juniper’s Journal makes no guarantees for the accuracy of  the data/information.