Keratinology By Sunsilk


Ever since Keratinology appeared on the shelves of Watsons, I made a mental note to give the products a try sooner or later. Well, it was sooner rather than later when I collected a set of Advanced Reconstruction Program shampoo and conditioner recently at Watsons MidValley.

You’ve all seen their ads on television. What sets their hair products apart from the rest is Pico Technology™ specially designed to prolong the beauty of salon treated hair. So what exactly is Pico Technology™? It means 1000 times smaller than Nano Formula (I’m sure you’ve all heard of Nano Hyaluronic Acid for example) with pico-nutrients and keratin complex to penetrate deeply, nourish and reconstruct hair.

These are the 3 ranges of Keratinology:-

  • Advanced Reconstruction Program for damaged hair – intense nourishment and reconstruction.
  • Sun Kissed Colour Therapy  for colour treated hair – luminous colour and shine for longer.
  • Korean Bounce Therapy for permed hair – beautiful curls for longer.

I could have done with products from the Sun Kissed Colour Therapy range but I’m not complaining since my set of shampoo and conditioner is worth RM35. The shampoo and conditioner are 200ml each and come in flip-top bottles which makes them easy to use in the shower, no need to fiddle with bottle caps.

The shampoo is a creamy and thick shiny gold. I like the scent very much although I can’t say exactly what it is, presumably something floral? It lathers up amazingly well and I can feel it thoroughly cleansing my scalp and hair. It’s formulated to remove residuals and that it does.

What I like most about the shampoo is that it makes my hair feel so soft even before the use of the conditioner. It’s as if my hair doesn’t even need conditioning. There was hardly any hair fall-out with this shampoo, another reason to give it a thumbs up.

With the conditioner, there was the inevitable hair fall-out but nothing too serious or cause for alarm. A day and even two days after using these products, my hair still feels soft, smooth, manageable and my scalp not dry nor itchy.

I shall have to look at their other products soon such as the Hair Spa Mask from the Advanced Reconstruction Program range which is RM31 and the Glossy Mask With Salon Hair Wax Benefit from the Sun Kissed Colour Therapy range.