Kérastase Launches Elixir Ultime “Grands Crus” Oils


Bevy of beauties with Elixir Ultime “Grands Crus” Oils (couture by Eric Choong)

If you are familiar with Kérastase, you’ll know all about their best-selling product, Elixir Ultime. With last night’s launch of three new fragrant hair beautifying oils – “Grands Crus” – Kérastase now offers luxury scented oils for tailor-made results.

Kérastase is a pioneer of oil technologies as it was the first brand to launch an oil-based hair masque in the early 80’s. Kérastase has harnessed its expertise from Elixir Ultime to create four very special, bespoke scented oils that offer women a whole new approach to their hair routines.


The first and original Elixir Ultime was OLÉO COMPLEXE (yellow) which is for all hair types. The 3 new fragrant oils will deliver all the benefits of a universal hair oil by blending the Oléo Complexe Technology found in the original Elixir Ultime.

These are the features of the new Elixir Ultime Oils:-


Scent : Created with a soft floral scent, delicately balanced with invigorating fruity notes

For Colour Treated Hair

  • White tea helps the hair remain radiant and glossy.
  • Light, floral and freshly scented.
  • The rarest of its kind, this rare tea is enriched with the purest antioxidants nature can offer.
  • Free radicals have a damaging effect on the hair fibre and can accelerate ageing. By harnessing the powerful anti-oxidants, flavonoids and epigallocatechins hair is protected against these destructive forces.

RESULT :  Coloured treated hair is protected, reflecting light and radiance.

Price: RM 138 (125ml)


Scent : Evokes a woody oriental fragrance blended with sharp notes of citrus.

For Damaged Hair

  • Enriched with nutrients from the renowned Moringa Tree.
  • Famed for its resilience and ability to concentrate the best ingredients in the most challenging climatic conditions.
  • Rich in Vitamins A & C with intense concentrations of calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Flowery and warmly scented.

RESULT : Damaged hair instantly feels replenished and nourished.

Price: RM 138 (125ml)


Scent : Infused with a delicate floral scent with hints of fragrant freshness.

For Fine & Sensitised Hair

  • A unique rose famed for its exceptional restorative and regenerative powers.
  • Rich in Vitamin E and protects the hair from UV radicals.
  • Light in texture.
  • Floral & fruity scent.

RESULT :  Fine hair feels regenerated, nourished and soft.

Price : RM 138 (125ml)

All the oils are multi-functional and will auto-adapt to the hair. There are several ways to use the oils:-

  1. Use as a pre-cleansing or pre-shampoo product to prepare the hair and help to remove impurities while adding deep nourishment.
  2. Use as an intensive leave-in conditioner when hair needs extra nourishment. Apply through the mid-lengths and ends.
  3. When applied to lengths and ends before blow drying Elixir Ultime nourishes the hair with a restructuring action. The oil traps the active ingredients inside the hair fibre for an instant transformation.
  4. Use as a finishing product to perfect your look as well as to control flyaway hair and frizz.
  5. The perfect product for demanding hair that needs retouching throughout the day for added control and nourishment.

This was one of the best launches I’ve ever attended. The ambience was spectacular with astonishingly beautiful floral bouquets/arrangements on every table. Each table was named after a flower like “Camelia”, “Millennium Rose”, “Immortal Moringa”. It was the perfect setting to launch luxury hair products.

Guests could avail themselves of the service of hairstylists and choose whichever hair ornament they wanted. Overall, it was one of the most beautiful launches I’ve attended so a big thank you goes out to Kérastase Malaysia for extending the invitation to me as well as the wonderful stylists from Peekaboo Hair Salon in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail who made a very harried Juniper forget about the 1.5 hours spent in the terrible traffic congestion yesterday no thanks to road closures.

The Elixir Ultime “Grands Crus” Oils will be available nationwide at Kérastase salons from November 2012.