Kawaii Accessories You Can Find At Tokyo Street Pavilion KL


Kawaii is ‘cute’ in Japanese, and it’s just an adjective, but a culture that represents fashion, accessories and personality! Inspired by the kawaii culture of Tokyo’s famed Harajuku, Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street precinct is home to hidden gems that sell the most unique kawaii accessories. In conjunction with the Tokyo Street precinct’s 10th anniversary, we are sharing our top 10 accessories picks to add some Japanese style to your life.

#1 Start from the top – Hair!

bomnal-hairclip-1 bomnal-hairclip-2

If your most worn hair accessory is a simple black elastic band, now is the time to experiment and add a bit of sparkle to accentuate your luscious locks! Whether you want something eye-catching to make a statement, or if you’re looking for a more subtle hair accessory to jazz up your ponytail, there are plenty of kawaii hair accessories for sale at Tokyo Street to give you the inspiration you need to make your hairstyle go from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’,

Location: Bomnal, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#2 Dazzling earrings to transform your ‘Zoom’ looks

bomnal-earring-1 bomnal-earring-2

After more than a year of Zoom calls, it’s time to share a glimpse of your WFH look – and what better way than with some gorgeous earrings!. Our favourites are from Bomnal — just look at these gorgeous crystal danglers.

Location: Bomnal, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#3 Clips-on: You can wear it too

the-keys-clip-on-1 the-keys-clip-on-2

Don’t have pierced ears? Don’t fret! There are plenty of clip-on earrings on sale at Tokyo Street so that you can rock the kawaii trend! Head over to The Keys for some ear bling inspiration! Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a cute Guadatema clip earring or if you’re going for a more sophisticated look with long dangly crystals, there are tons of options to choose from.

Location: The Keys, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#4 Minimal is best

Looking for something understated you can wear every day? These simple and minimalistic necklaces are right up your alley! It’s hypoallergenic, so even folks with sensitive skin can rock these dainty necklaces.

Location: The Keys, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#5 How charming

minimalist-lab-bree-1 minimalist-lab-bree-2

What can be more charming than a cute bracelet? You can’t go wrong with Minimalist Lab’s selection of bracelets – we especially love their adorable BREE Smiling Cloud Sterling Silver Bracelet. Go check it out.

Location: Minimalist Lab, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#6 Baby, it’s gold outside


If you haven’t noticed, eye-catching chunky gold rings are in trend! This stylish jewelry staple makes a statement on its own but also sits nicely alongside your other go-to daily rings.

Location: Minimalist Lab, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#7 Anklets are back in trend

minimalist-lab-anklet-1 minimalist-lab-anklet-2

With the resurgence of Y2K (Year 2000) trends, anklets are back! Easy to wear and effortlessly fashionable, a dainty slip of gold around the ankle with a delicate charm adds a chic factor to any outfit.

Location: Minimalist Lab, Level 6, Pavilion KL

#8 Kawaii MacBook cases


One of the common misconceptions surrounding MacBook cases is that their sole purpose is to keep your laptop looking stylish, but that’s not the case (see what we did there!). These great looking cases also protect your MacBook from the shock and damage of being bumped around or dropped. In conjunction with the second season premiere of the popular Manga series Demon Slayer, now is the perfect time to purchase an exclusive Demon Slayer collection MacBook case from Double U Case Studio.

Location: Double U Case Studio, Pavilion KL

#9 Tokyo Calling


Considering that your phone is probably THE most important gadget you carry around. Accessorising your phone with a stylish (and protective) case is definitely on trend! Get your hands on a cool Japanese-inspired phone case from Double U Case Studio.

Location: Double U Case Studio, Pavilion KL

#10 Just the right amount of bling


When it comes to selecting the best case for your phone, there are myriad factors to consider. It must be protective, practical to hold, and most importantly, it must be stylish enough to elevate your mirror selfie! Check out Bling Bling Paradise’s selection of bedazzled phone cases to add some bling to your phone.

Location: Bling Bling Paradise, Level 6, Pavilion KL