Kate Spring Summer 2012 Collection


Kate unveiled their Spring Summer 2012 Collection to the media in March. Their make-up artist from Japan, Inokubo-san was present at the launch to demonstrate the usage of the new products on a model. According to Inokubo-san, make-up trends in Japan for Spring/Summer 2012 are nude, natural, 3D make-up.

These are some of the new products in the Collection:-

Real Create Eyes 5 types RM59 each

A 5-shade eye shadow palette containing clear colors for creating contoured large eyes and creating clear natural “real 3D” eyes. The palette contains Glow Jelly and Clear Real Colors for making color gradations translucent and lustrous. These colors help realize natural-looking eye makeup and the appearance of larger, contoured eyes.

Available in PK-1, BR-1, BR-2, GN-1 & BU-1.

Mineral BB Gel Cream SPF30PA++ 3 colors 30g RM56 each

Combines the features of highly functional makeup base with foundation and creates an ultra-thin, skin-like veil that results in contoured, modern skin.

  • Double-effect mineral powder (skin protection & covering visible pores).
  • Multiple moisturizing ingredients to protect skin from dryness (olive, jojoba and almond oils).
  • Water soluble collagen (newly formulated).
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Fragrance-free.

Available in OC-B, OC-C and OC-D.

Cream Cheek 4 colors RM44 each

Pink cream cheek color with soft luster and color that is long-lasting. 4 pink shades for creating a soft, nuanced finish, i.e. PK-1, PK-2, PK-3, PK-4.

Art Dial Mascara 1 color RM59

Latest dial mascara, advanced feature mascara, to freely arrange lashes to be voluminous, long or curled. Mascara can be applied multiple times on particular parts of the lashes. Orientation of the lashes can be changed and fixed as desired. Amount of mascara fluid can be adjusted to create voluminous or natural looking lashes.

Feature of Art Dial Mascara:-

  • mascara fluid comes out when the dial of the stick container is turned.
  • easy-to-comb rubber comb.
  • comb is tilted at 38.9 degrees to fit the curve of the eye and apply mascara easily.
  • comb teeth are 0.48mm apart (optimal interval for separating lashes).
  • can be used with a simple, one-touch operation.
  • realizes excellent lash separation with no clumps.
  • fluid does not dry up so that it can be used until it runs out.
  • stays clean.