Jeanie Botanicals Divine Floral Body Oil



Jeanie Botanicals Divine Floral Body Oil is a concentrated and quite thick body oil which nourishes and hydrates skin. It has a sweet almond, rice bran and jojoba oil base. It is generously infused with beautiful bouquets of organically grown rose, yarrow, calendula, chamomile and rosehips and antioxidant-rich pomegranate seed extract.

Key ingredients:

  • Sweet almond, olive oil:  Excellent to restore moisture and suppleness to dry skin
  • Jojoba: Liquid wax that resembles human sebum, easily absorbed and softens skin
  • Rice bran oil: Rich in squalene with high affinity to our skin and easily absorbed. Contains phytic acid, a vitamin B complex that stimulates cell growth for brighter skin. Contains natural SPF.
  • Organic sunflower oil: Retains moistures and protect with high levels of vitamins A, C and E
  • Organic yarrow, calendula & chamomile: Anti-inflammatory, healing and promotes cell regeneration. Help to relieve dry skin
  • Organic rosehips: High in vitamin C and vitamin A that help reduce visible signs of ageing
  • Organic rose:  Contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Excellent emollient properties for dry skin and astringent effect on skin
  • Organic pomegranate seed extract: Antioxidant rich with high polyphenol, punicic and ellagic acid. Repairs skin and improves elasticity.

It has a dropper dispenser and all one needs is a few drops, this one has serious mileage as you don’t need much per application. Skin is immediately softer and hydrated. Beautiful texture and gorgeous scent.

Jeanie Botanicals Divine Floral Body Oil retails at RM36/50ml and RM59/100ml.

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