Italian Pavilion At The Biennial Defence Services Asia



Yesterday morning, I visited the Italian Pavilion at Biennial Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition and conference at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC). This was my first visit to MITEC and I was surprised at how tight security is as you have to go through scanning just as if you are boarding a flight.

There were a lot of ushers there who asked me where I was going but when I mentioned the Italian Pavilion which is part of the DSA exhibition, ALL of them gave me confused/bemused looks and NOT one of them could direct me to the media registration desk for a tag. I don’t even know how they got the job as usher in the first place. Surely the first thing an usher should be aware of is whether there is a media registration desk and what floor it is on. I was shunted from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor and back up to the 3rd floor where I asked an usher about the media desk which in fact was just a few metres away. He could only give me the ushers’ signature “I don’t know” look. Sigh! In the end, I found the media desk on my own.

dsc_1562The Italian Pavilion was easy to find since I know what their flag looks like. The Italians at the Pavilion were very warm and I was given a tour around the booths offering defence services and products such as Defcon5 srl, Explorer cases by GTLine srl, Fiocchi Munizioni spa, Fox Knives by Oreste Frati srl, GEM Elettronica srl, HT srl, IPS spa and Kong srl.

The explorer cases look sturdy and tough which in fact they are. You’d need explorer cases that can withstand all kinds of weather and conditions if you are in an Indiana Jones/Jason Bourne kind of situation. The Explorer Cases are manufactured in Italy and have been subjected to a series of controlled laboratory tests to prove their suitability for use in the most extreme and hazardous applications. Applications range from Military to Aerospace to Computer and Equipment cases while their dust and waterproof qualities offer absolute protection making them ideal for use in the harshest environment. For more information, visit

dsc_1564Fox Knives ( offers military grade knives (they also have manufacture kitchen knives but those were not on display) from blades, machetes to the very fascinating karambit (small Southeast Asian curved knife resembling a claw). One look at these knives will tell you they are top quality. They aren’t just for defence purposes, hunters also use them.

“We are returning again in this worldwide defence exhibition and conference, to acknowledge and appreciate the industry players. The Italian defence system is recognised as one of the top in the world and ranked fourth in NATO countries and as such is a key area of national strategic focus,” said Dr Samuel Porsia, Italian Trade Commissioner of Kuala Lumpur. Although defence represent only 1% of the Italian GDP it contributes on average a surplus of up to 5 € billion (8 to 10%) to the Italian trade balance.

The companies at the Italian Pavilion are just a few of the Italian companies offering a clear example of some of the best specific advanced products and services in the fields of electronics, communication intelligence solutions, new technology helping law enforcement stop crime and terrorism, ammunition less than lethal, waterproof cases for extreme applications and so on. The Italian defence systems are comprised by giants like Leonardo spa, the ninth largest defence contractor in the world and accounts for a large share of the Italian defence market, Fincantieri spa, IVECO CNH (former Fiat Group) all participating in their own pavilions at next DSA 2018 as well and is made as well by thousands of highly dynamic small medium entrepreneurs, with its competitiveness largely due to advanced technologies and highly skilled workforce in Italy. Dr Porsia added, “Together with the Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace Defence and Security, we are at disposal of professional visitors and government procurement delegations to give any assistance in their research of new products and technologies.”

Visit the Italian Pavilion at the 16th DSA 2018 from 16 – 19 April held at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Kuala Lumpur.