IPC Shopping Centre’s Ocean Playground Is Super Cute And Colourful

Ms. Karyn Lim, GM of IPC Shopping Centre giving her speech

I believe everyone loves balloons, no matter what age we are. We’ve seen clowns at children’s birthday parties shape balloons into animals, flowers and all kinds of things. It’s called balloon modelling or balloon shaping nut what you will see at IPC Shopping Centre’s Concourse, Level G is on another level altogether. Adults and kis will love their Ocean Playground that is made up of 85,000 pieces of biodegradable balloons.

Cute seahorse
Such a colourful octopus
With Ms. Karyn Lim in front of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Giant Manta Ray
Hammerhead shark
This fish looks so friendly
Love the colour combination
A great experience for kids to learn more about marine life

Their Ocean Playground consist of beautifully sculptured underwater landscape while featuring five endangered marine life – Hammerhead Shark (longest balloon animal at 5m long), Orca Whale (tallest balloon animal at 4m high), Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Dugong and Giant Manta Ray.

This totally instagrammable installation uses 100% biodegradable Qualatex balloons, made out of natural rubber latex which degrades at about the same speed as an oak leaf. The balloons will be properly disposed of at the end to ensure it does not end up in a landfill or the ocean.

They have also prepared various fun activities such as balloon making workshops, storytelling sessions, walkabouts and free gifts at Atrium, Level G that you wouldn’t want to miss — only from now until 5th March 2023.