Introducing Tsubaki Head Spa


All of us may have experienced itchy scalps from time to time. I certainly have on more occasions than I can count, whether it’s due to ineffective hair products or environmental factors. Tsubaki has introduced a new gold range called Tsubaki Head Spa to help maintain a healthy scalp.

Besides the basic shampoo and conditioner, this range comes with a unique Extra Cleansing Shampoo which is designed for thorough scalp cleansing. When I first saw this product, I thought it was some sort of hair oil because it looked like a clear, golden liquid. I thought I was supposed to massage it on to my scalp pre-shampoo.

This shampoo is specially formulated with rosemary oil, shea butter, sage, ginger and camellia flower extract to rid scalp of product build-ups while maintaining hair’s natural oil levels. It doesn’t lather  much but it sure feels wonderful using this shampoo because it gives a slight tingling sensation to the scalp. It feels cooling and refreshing with its mild floral scent. There was hardly any hair fall-out with this shampoo and it gave a thorough cleanse although my hair did feel a bit dry and tangled during the shampoo.

As for the Head Spa Massage Spa Mask, this mask includes a natural oil massage formula that permeates deep into scalp to promote blood circulation. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to be massaged in for because everything about the product and usage is in Japanese!

I massaged it in for 10 minutes since I couldn’t even tell from the foreign language the length of the recommended application. I love this product as it gave an even more tingly sensation than the shampoo. It felt like my scalp was being detox-ed, all right. After the Mask had been rinsed off, my hair was so soft.

My scalp felt 100% clean and itch-free for 3 days when it’s time for the next shampoo but good as these products are, it’s recommended for usage only once a week to avoid over-cleansing the scalp. The basic shampoo and conditioner can be used on a daily basis.

Each of the Head Spa products is infused with Tsubaki’s signature ingredient, the “High-purity Tsubaki Oil EX”, a pure natural camellia flower oil which helps hair absorb shine components better.

All products are available this month in Jusco AEON Wellness and Watsons outlets.


Head Spa Extra Cleansing 280ml/RM29.90

Head Spa Shampoo 550ml/RM37.90

Head Spa Conditioner 550ml/RM37.90

Head Spa Massage Spa Mask 180gm/RM44.90

Note : Products were provided by PR for review.