INTERFEL Relaunch Campaign Lunch Menu: French Apples From Amuse Bouche To Dessert

Lunch Menu (every course has French Apples in it)

During the media event showcasing French Apples organised by INTERFEL (Interbranch Association for Fresh French Fruit and Vegetables) at Botanica+Co, Bamboo Hills, members of the media were treated to lunch. It was a well-planned menu as every course had French Apples in it,

Amuse Bouche
Brie Cheese, Granny Smith compote with house made gluten free bread
Caesar Salad Wonton Cups

An amuse bouche or “mouth amuser” is served at the start of the menu, before the appetizer. It is not ordered by the diner nor is it on the menu but served according to the chef’s fancy & is complimentary. Both amuse bouche here were delicious especially the brie cheese with Granny Smith compote.

Kissabel & Scallop

Pan seared Hokkaido scallop, butter squash puree, quinoa, Kissabel apple, Montpellier butter

Every component in this dish complemented each other beautifully & I do so appreciate the use of French butter as it makes it taste even more indulgent.

Pumpkin & Apple
Roasted Pumpkin & Granny Smith Apple, house made pumpkin bread

Creamy & thick, this pumpkin & apple soup is something I wish I had more of as pumpkin goes so well with the French Granny Smith Apple.

Chicken Scotch Quail Egg
Corn fed minced chicken, Celeriac Slaw, Basil & parsley pesto served with Gala apple chutney

This main course tasted quite rich but I preferred the Appetizer & Soup to this as it didn’t excite my taste buds as much.

Apple & Gingerbread Dome
Caramelized apple, house-made gingerbread, ice cream, gingerbread cookie

I’m not a fan of caramelized apple so the ice cream was the most tasty component of this dessert while the gingerbread was too sweet for me.