Innisfree Membership



This morning, I dropped by Innisfree Sunway Pyramid for my 2nd visit and the Capsule Repair Masks which retail at RM7 or RM10, good for at least 2 uses, are almost sold out. There’s just the ones for hydrating and pores. They couldn’t tell me when they’d be restocking. I asked them how best to keep the capsule masks once they are opened and I was advised to keep them in the fridge. No wonder they are sold out – if you are paying RM7 for 2-3 uses, that is so value for money.

Innisfree Membership is free and you get a sample pack

Before I left, I picked up one of their pamphlets detailing Innisfree membership. It’s free upon any purchase and you get 4 samples such as the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and from their Green Tea Seed Line as well as a sheet mask.

There are GWPs for purchases above RM30, RM120, RM210 and RM300.

Looks like I will be going for my 3rd visit soon to see if they have restocked the Capsule Repair Masks.