Infinity KOSE Realizing White Stick XX



During the KOSE SkinTech 2015 seminar today, Dr. Akinobu Hayashi, General Manager, Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories, explained how Kojic Acid works on the skin to lighten dark spots. When he first started working with KOSE years ago, he cut a lot of bananas to test them in all kinds of solutions. This was to determine which solution worked best to prevent oxidation. It was determined that Kojic Acid was the most effective solution to prevent oxidation.



Dr. Akinobu Hayashi explained that dark spots are caused by the effects of Tyrosinase, which contains copper ions. When our skin is exposed to UV rays, the copper ions send messages to the Tyrosinase to start working, resulting in melanin production and pigmentation. Kojic Acid works effectively on dark spots by ‘circumcising’ the copper ions so that they fail to activate the Tyrosinase. This allows Kojic Acid to control the action of Tyrosinase, thus preventing melanin production. Kojic Acid is found to be effective in controlling and lightening the four main types of pigmentation – liver spots, age spots, freckles and inflammatory scars.


The latest whitening beauty product from KOSE that incorporates Kojic Acid is the Infinity KOSE Realizing White Stick XX. It innovatively delivers the naturally-derived active ingredient Kojic Acid to skin zones with dark spots through a stick-type serum. Experiments were repeatedly conducted to come up with a formula that accurately targets the root cause of pigmentation spots and for the first time, KOSE incorporated a  highly adhesive oil to create this stick-type serum. When the stick is applied directly to zones prone to blemishes, the formula tightly seals the area off with an intensive, rich formula, delivering Kojic Acid to the root cells.

Infinity KOSE Realizing White Stick XX adopts a precision sealing formula that seals skin tightly. The stick melts as it comes into contact with skin, allowing the Kojic Acid to spread and penetrate. It densely delivers beauty ingredients to the targeted areas and seals them in for intensive effects.

Use morning and night after prepping your skin with a toner. if you already use a whitening serum, blend it thoroughly before applying a small amount of the stick directly onto your skin. Move the stick in a circular motion twice or three times over each area.

Infinity KOSE Realizing White Stick XX retails at RM254.40/4g.