il Puro Natural Shea Butter Soap



I like handmade soaps because they have unique scents unlike commercial soaps and thank goodness there are a lot of handmade soap manufacturers around nowadays especially at weekend flea markets. Prices vary between less than RM20 to RM25 depending on the ingredients used.

il Puro Natural Shea Butter Soap is enriched with healing organic Shea Butter from Ghana to sooth and nourish sensitive and dry skin like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, very dry skin etc. It has a very mild shea butter scent and feels slightly grainy, as if giving skin a gentle exfoliation.

Ingredients are olive oils, coconut oil infused ylang ylang, organic shea butter, palm oil, distilled water & sodium hydroxide. This is a good soap for those with dry skin like mine as it doesn’t dry out skin. It’s held its shape without crumbling or going soft even after more than 3 weeks of use.

Retails at RM22/130gm+. For more information, please visit

Product reviewed has been provided by il Puro Natural.