More Than Halfway Through Gracious Revenge


gracious-revenge-2I doubt any sort of revenge can be considered gracious. I rarely watch any dramas over 60 episodes long as that can be rather tiresome. However I am already past 60 episode with Kdrama “Gracious Revenge” which is about the revenge of one woman towards two families who wronged her 30 years ago. Carry Jung a.k.a. Cha Mi Yun is all about vengeance towards the Hong and Koo families as they were responsible for the deaths of her baby son and husband respectively.

The plot thickens and finally as we neared episode 60, both families realised the true identity of Carry Jung, the rich and successful business woman from Canada. What Carry doesn’t know is that her baby son never died. She was just told by Dr Seo (now Mrs Hong) that her baby died so that the baby could be switched with the deceased baby of the Koo family.

Cha Mi Yun kidnapped the baby daughter of Dr Seo as she was going into labour with her second daughter 30 years ago and that kidnapped daughter has been raised as Cha Mi Yun’s own daughter. The daughter becomes Cha Mi Yun’s instrument for revenge but the spanner in the works is she falls in love with Cha Mi Yun’s son who has been raised in the Koo family.

It can go on to 100 episodes simply because so many scenes are unnecessary and too many flashbacks. Some of the characters are way too emotional and unstable. They are so emotionally unstable that I wonder which company would hire them. I can’t wait for each new episode to be subbed and most of the time I watch each new episode after midnight as subbing is only completed after midnight.