Hair System By Watsons Damage Repair Shampoo


dsc_1570The first impression you will have about Hair System By Watsons Damage Repair Shampoo is that it’s a big bottle at 500ml. Sometimes you will regret that a shampoo bottle is that big especially if you find it unsuitable for your hair type or for other reasons but I am so in love with this shampoo after using it at home. Previously I had my hair washed with this shampoo at A Cut Above Academy.

The lather is so soft and as I was shampoo-ing, I could feel my hair untangling and getting smooth. This shampoo has a “WOW” factor for me and I haven’t experienced that with any shampoo for a long time. This is definitely an above average shampoo and very good for a drugstore house brand shampoo.

Product reviewed is a press sample