Hair Straightening Elixir From Giovanni Organic Hair Care


 One of the best places to look for haircare products is Sasa as they have so many choices and prices to suit every budget. Some time ago, when my hair was looking frizzy and it was too soon for another rebonding session with my hairdresser or rather at my hairdresser’s, I picked up Straight Fast!™ which is a hair straightening elixir with shine enhancers from Giovanni® Organic Hair Care.

Now who exactly is this Giovanni? The product is made in U.S.A. Although certified organic, it contains parabens. A bit of googling later and the evidence showed that Giovanni is a leading hair stylist in Beverly Hills which means that his clientele are among the who’s who of Southern California.

Straight Fast!™ Hair Straightening Elixir is a clear gel which straightens hair temporarily until your next shampoo. I apply a bit of it through the lower half of my hair after I’ve towelled dry. It’s quite sticky and this isn’t something I like because it tends to clump my hair together.

Even after my hair has been blow dried, my hair still feels sticky and it’s best not to like down on your pillow until it has completely absorbed into your hair which may take a few hours. On the plus side, it does eliminate the frizziness and makes hair smooth to the touch.

Initially, when the gel is applied, hair feels a bit heavy but once it’s dry, it doesn’t feel like I’ve applied anything. It does add some sheen to my hair which is nice but this isn’t a repurchase for me simply because I can’t get used to the stickiness on my hair and hands. That’s why it’s taken me ages to finish this product.

It’s in a 200ml flip top tube and priced at RM32.90.