Guest Review : Redken Curvaceous Range



 L to R – Curvaceous Shampoo, Conditioner, Full Swirl, Ringlet

Redken’s Curvaceous range has been created for curly/wavy hair. The formula attracts moisture to curls and waves to reactivate their pattern, making curls more bouncy and hydrated. It also gives a moisture boost to dry, dehydrated curls. As I don’t have any curls to test out the products on, I passed the products to guest reviewer, Misty.

Last December 12th, Toyako Loft Salon at Farenheit 88 celebrated their 2nd Anniversary with a bang. The salon outlet is one in seven owned by the Toyako Group of Salons. The group, established in 1996, has been championing customer service in addition to continuous education for their stable of professional hairstylists. Toyako has also been a proud member of the Redken family for approximately 17 years.

Built on the Redken values of Fashion, Science and Inspiration, the LOFT – the second of its kind under the Toyako Group – is a fully integrated Redken concept salon, with personalized customer care at the forefront, and nestled within a sleek and urban salon environment via differentiated and professional services.

As added merriment to the anniversary celebrations, Redken launched their Curvaceous range of products consisting of a Cream Shampoo, Conditioner, Full Swirl Cream/Serum and Curvaceous Ringlet. Redken Senior Product Executive Cheng Mun Teng spoke about the evolution of protein science, introducing the technology behind the curl memory complex, a combination of Sugar Crystals, Moringa Oil, Interlock Protein Network and UV Filters.

Apparently, sugar crystals are sweet news for your hair, attracting moisture to curls and waves to reactivate their patterns, giving curls more bounce and hydration. Apart from smelling divine, Moringa Oil boosts dry, dehydrated curls with a dose of moisture for even more bounce and shine.

The Interlock Protein Network (IPN), made out of Soy Proteins, act at the tension point of “high stress” curls to strengthen and increase manageability of curls, and UV filter shields pretty ringlets and protect coloured curls and waves. Mun Teng says that the slew of women who are now going natural and embracing their natural hair types will find a perfect choice for all types of curls in the Redken Curvaceous range.

I tried out all four products from the range and while I only have some waves in my hair, I’m happy to report that the products add body, definition and fabulous texture in addition to smelling lovely. The shampoo and conditioner in particular I love for the light yet effective creamy quality that cleanses and repairs respectively. I’ve found that the coconutty, tropical scent is also something to look forward to after a long day at work!

As for the styling products, the Cream/Serum is a novel yet effectual method of controlling frizz and making the bend in my hair go the extra mile. Unfortunately, the Ringlet cream didn’t do anything for my weak waves, so it went to my friend with extremely curly, lovely hair where it gives it a soft and natural yet shiny, defined finish.

The Curvaceous range is available at all Redken Salons.


Products have been provided by Redken Malaysia for review.