Guest Review : Pop Beauty Stain Stay


Pop Beauty Stain Stay is a lip ink which (according to the Pop Beauty official website) is designed for maximum lip-popping impact. There are 4 shades and the one Fatin has reviewed is Brick Beauty. They can also be used on the cheeks.

Remember those magic colour markers you used to draw doodles with as a child, well that’s what this reminds me of. But instead of drawing on paper, which I’m sure you can if you have a strong urge to doodle or if your pen decides to go missing in your bag, this one goes on your lips.

Unlike the usual lip stain which gives a hint of colour for a more natural look, Pop Beauty’s Stain Stay, a no-smudge no-budge formula is designed for maximum lip-popping impact and provides cocktail and kiss-proof insurance and is an effortlessly go-to for flawlessly famous lips. Your lips will have an audience of its own!

Pop Beauty  Stain Stay is housed in a marker like tube with a felt tip nib to match. The colour I have is Brick Beauty. It’s an intense and bright shade of red. To use, apply to dry clean lips by tracing the lip line with short strokes to shape lips and fill in for stay-put colour and even coverage. This isn’t the type of stain you can use your finger to smudge, so don’t try it. As the colour is intense, one layer does the trick. I tried applying a second layer and it looked too much like a marker stain and you might want to apply a dab of gloss or lip balm on top as it can be a tad drying.

Whatever you do, don’t lick your lips before the colour fully dries, which I did, it has a chemical like taste which wasn’t very pleasant! It goes off after drying though.*phewh* It takes a few good minutes before it dries completely. I found that taking it off was quite a challenge. Despite the use of a waterproof makeup remover a light stain was still noticeable. Talk about a no- budge formula!

According to the packaging this stain can also be used on the apples of the cheeks for a natural blush. It has to be blended out pretty quick though coz it dries fast. Best to do one cheek at a time. I haven’t tried this, so I have no idea how this could turn out. If you have, drop me a comment okie.

Stain Stay contains a lip-conditioning ingredient, Pathenol. Due to hydra-light formula, it does not bleed, feather or flake and has a unique shiny finish. For you animal lovers, you will be happy to know that it’s only tested on humans!

Pop Beauty Stay Stain comes in 4 shades and is available at Sephora outlets in KL. Retails at RM52 (4ml/0.13fl.oz)

Fatin’s note: Product provided by Junipers Journal for review.
Editor’s note : Thanks to Fatin for the review and pics. Product provided by PR for review.