Guardian People’s Choice Awards 2016 Returns



Isn’t it fun to participate in contests especially if the prize is quite lucrative? I do like choosing my favourite beauty/lifestyle brands and it’s time again for Guardian People’s Choice Awards 2016. This is the 15th year and Guardian has introduced a more robust platform for consumers to vote for their favourite brands.

This year, the voting system moves to an online platform which will allow consumers easier access and convenience when participating. With a purchase of RM10 and above in a single receipt either in-store or via e-store, customers simply have to log on to and be entitled to one digital entry.

Refining the contest even further, the voting system will be divided into two categories based on gender, to ensure a more streamlined experience. I guess this is a much better move because men won’t know which is the best sanitary pad/pantyliner brand and women won’t know which is the best shaver for men. For best results however, voters must complete at least one category field and are encouraged to answer both sets of questions to have a better chance at winning the array of amazing prizes that have been lined up.

The Guardian People’s Choice Awards 2016 kicks off from April 28 to May 25 2016. All voting will be hosted online and those that have the highest number of accurate matches to the winning rank will be awarded the monthly or weekly prizes. Tie-breakers will be determined by date of submission where the earlier entry will be deemed the winner. As a token of appreciation, all participants in the contest will receive an e-voucher worth RM10 upon completion, to be spent on e-store purchases.


Among the prizes that are up for grabs for the Guardian People’s Choice Awards 2016 are:

1 x Grand Prize : RM1,000 Guardian Vouchers per month over 12 months & products from all nominated brands worth RM16,500

10 x 1st Prize : RM300 Guardian Vouchers per month over 12 months & products from all nominated brands worth RM8,100

2 x Weekly Winners : Products from all nominated brands worth RM4.500

Participants are reminded to keep the receipt for winners’ verification and prize redemption.

There are 58 participating categories and close to 250 products this year ranging from hair care, face care, personal care, cosmetics, beauty, hygiene, health care, supplements & medication, mother & child products and confectionery.

For more information on Guardian People’s Choice Awards, please visit