Got Addicted To K-Drama Gracious Revenge Despite Parts That Don’t Make Sense At All


gracious-revengeI really dislike it when the storyline in a drama I have been watching gets absurd/ridiculous and that can be said for 100 episode K-drama Gracious Revenge which is now almost 40 episodes long. Thirty years ago, a woman was terribly wronged when her husband’s secret herbal formula for skincare was misappropriated by a rival, the rival also sent a hitman after the husband and killed hum while he was in a coma. The woman went into labour prematurely and gave birth at the same time as the rival’s wife (the baby is the wife’s deceased boyfriend’s).

The rival’s wife’s baby and wronged woman’s baby are in ICU. While rival’s wife’s baby is poorly and not expected to pull though, wronged woman’s baby is doing ok. Enter the gynae,a woman with a lot to lose if rival’s wife’s baby dies. Gynae’s father encourages her to do  switcheroo when rival’s wife’s baby is about to die. Of course wronged woman now thinks her baby has died and this is after her husband has been killed so double whammy.

A while later, gynae has a 1 year old daughter and is about to give birth to the second child. While in labour pains as she is shopping, wronged woman grabs the 1 year old kid and runs off to Canada where she emerges 30 years later on a flight back to Seoul with the kidnapped kid whom she has raised as her own and another guy (Danny) who calls her mother. Wronged woman is now some successful entrepreneur who calls herself Carrie Jung. She has come back to exact vengeance on her deceased husband’s rival and the gynae who married the journalist who has promised to help expose the rival’s misdeeds but betrayed the husband for the sake of marrying the gynae.

So Carrie Jung’s biological son has been raised by the rival and his wife and they don’t realise their real son died when he was in ICU. The plan is to use the gynae’s kidnapped kid who calls herself Jennis Han (she thinks she is Carrie’s real daughter) to work in the rival’s company as head of marketing and create havoc which includes getting into a love relationship with Carrie Jung’s biological son Hae-Joon.

Here’s where it got downright unbelievable. Danny introduces himself as Jennis’ brother to Hae-Joon when he is wearing a cap and no glasses. In another scene, he wears glasses and no cap and introduces himself as Lawyer Jung to Hae-Joon. What!!! I can’t believe anyone can see the same person with or without cap and glasses and don’t male the connection that they are one and the same person. How can this be possible? I just cannot accept this. Finally in episode 39, Hae-Joon makes the connection that it is one and the same person. Is Hae-Joon that stupid and thick? By then he has met the same person in his capacity as the brother and a lawyer multiple times and it never dawned on him that it was the same person? That is what I find irritating. So if I wear a cap and glasses and meet the same person several times, he or she will think I am a different person?