Goodbye My Clarisonic Mia 2



Two years ago, I received my 1st Clarisonic in the form of the Mia 2. Everything was hunky-dory in 2012 and 2013 but this year, I found that I needed to recharge the device more often and after each recharge, I could only use it less than 5 times before I had to recharge it again. Worse, even if I didn’t use it for a few days after the recharge, I would have to recharge again.

Then all of a sudden one morning, I saw the Clarisonic light up in the bathroom even though I hadn’t switched it on. It was a solid light, not a pulsing light. I tried recharging it but the light wouldn’t blink at all which is what you would see if you recharged a Clarisonic.

It’s officially dead! For a device costing as much as it does, I would expect the life span to be a bit longer than 2 years.