If Only There Were More Good Offers Like This From Nicole Malaysia


dsc_5964There are many occasions when I am sorely tempted to buy a piece of clothing only to be put off by the outrageous pricing. I was at MNG a week ago, very nice jacket but the price was just too much for me, what I think of as reasonable anyway. While killing time at Parkson Plaza OUG, I came across a round neckline sleeveless A-line embroidery dress from NE Double S, one of the brands under Nicole Malaysia. It looked like organza material but is actually a polyester blend.

This dress looks exquisite as the red and pink floral embroidery on the material makes it stand out. There’s a bow at the back of the dress which is a nice detail. Price is RM149 with a 20% discount and on top of that, if I shared the Nicole Malaysia promotion post on their Facebook page, I would get an additional RM20 off regardless of whether there was already a discount. Good deal.


dsc_5969Of course I shared the promotion post, easy to do and saved me RM20. Wish that more clothing retailers would have promotions like this, could do with instant rebates. This is also good marketing strategy to make more people aware that there is this promotion.